Way too many gear drops

It’s already difficult enough to figure out if what you found is better than what you have. Having to deal with 10 items on the ground every few seconds makes it way to cumbersome to continue to build your gear profile.

Next time you are in game. Press Shift + F

This should help you out


You should take a look at those links Trikster linked, they will help you out a lot and once you start getting familiar with the loot filters, you’ll love them. I learned the framework from Heavy’s initial thread and then as I began to learn more about builds, the stats I want and the loot filter I was able to optimize it the way I wanted.

Once you get familiar/comfortable with all of those you can then start making your filter individually hide or only show items with certain implicit stats (poison resist, damage over time, crit chance, etc) and you can do that for all class unique items and weapons

It will easily get to the point where you don’t feel like enough stuff is dropping if you have a strict filter or you don’t have a rule for alts/shattering affixes you know you’ll use later.

With my current filter, I feel like I get the perfect amount of drops and when I make a new character I duplicate the filter over and change it, just deselecting it the rules I don’t want to use for low levels.

TL;DR: Loot filter good

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That was my question because some things didn’t make sense to me.

I spend my time exploring and killing all monsters and a useless variety of items drop all the time.

I don’t like the feeling of throwing them away, because they are part of my effort. So I always go back to the city as soon as my inventory is full. However the prices for the sale are very low, and in the global chat a player told me that it was not worth it to be wasting time all the time coming back.

So what would be the point? Because from what it seems to me, you will always find good items killing monsters and the store system seems useless.

I always enjoyed taking all my items and selling them, accumulating every penny to always have money. The bad thing is that my inventory is full all the time giving the feeling that items are disposable.

Now I’m going to test with the active filter to see what the experience will be like.

If you enjoy picking up gear and vendoring it then keep on doing that. Try other ways to play, you might find them more enjoyable but if you find a way to play that is enjoyable for you then it doesn’t matter what any one else says. Some people treat games like a job and they feel the need to do things in the most “efficient” way possible.


Have fun making detailed loot filters. The loot filter rule system in this game is actually good.

I personally like it and would rather sift through more loot than the opposite. If you are feeling overwhelmed, like a lot of other folks already pointed out, set-up your loot filters and pick-up what you need. I have some extensive loot filters setup and focused on the recolored/emphasized items only.

There is no such thing as to much loot…

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very awesome old school video never played that game never heard of it but now i wish i had played it just for the dialogue it sounds amazing

It’s great - I just started playing with it. One “funny” thing about it is that even though the equipment names don’t appear, it still drops (you can see the aura the items cast on the ground and hear the sounds when opening a chest) so sometimes I find myself opening a chest and nothing comes out of it but I hear loot sounds. I figured it out, so it’s mostly humorous but it seems a bit sloppy. I think a properly implemented loot filter would simply have it not be visible or audible at all if you can’t click on it.

I am going to try it this weekend. Played LE for some months, went away and om returning now to experience the progress. The addition of loot filters are a must for me to have optimal balance between gaming and upgrading.

you dont pick up anything but exalted

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