Warpath doesn't stop channeling when releasing key

Warpath doesn’t stop channeling when releasing key. Even when going out of mana while channeling, the animation will continue without damage being dealt to the enemies, damage resumes when mana is positive again. While channeling, I can also unequip the weapon and the animation will still continue. The only way to stop the animation is by casting a different skill


I confirme bug. (+1)

Same, can confirm spin to win is winning too much (+1)

Alternatively after I tested, sometimes it acts as a toggle, I don’t know how exactly it activates but if you press right click and quickly release it the moment you click it, warpath kind of gets stuck in a toggle, then you have to hold right click for a few seconds and release to get it to disable.

It’s… a little bit annoying.

If I may add, if you tap the warpath button to get it to act as a toggle, and then immediately hold down the button as it’s intended before the first tick of damage happens, when you release the button your character will be stuck in a spinning animation without the ability actually happening, I can confirm that it’s only client side this animation happens on, because my friend does not see me doing it when I’m playing with them.

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