Warpath can be bug-abused to stay on without channeling

In the online mode, if you time well a very short click to begin casting Warpath and stop, your character will be able to move at its normal speed but the Warpath keeps being in play.
When you do another attack the animation cancels the permanent Warpath.

You can see the bug on this video, at the very beginning, and the successful reproduction at 0:26.

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The title is a little… awkward. I’m not sure about the abuse cases, but anyway: I came here to see if there any existing bug reports and/or if this is intended. The gist is this:

  • If you cast another attack skill (such as Vengeance) and then quickly cast Warpath, Warpath will run in “toggle mode” like it did before 0.9.1 patch
  • This rarely but sometimes happen if you start to channel Warpath, and quickly release then re-press the key for Warpath

I like the feel of this but can see where this might be very annoying for players, as the workaround is to use another skill to stop the channeling.

Note: Weirdly, I did not experience this yesterday when 0.9.1 released but playing today I am experiencing this quite often. The only change I made today, was to assign a skill to the left-mouse-button instead of move/move (that skill is not Warpath fwiw).


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Sorry not a native, what’s awkward about the title?

I’m running into this on my Sentinel as well:

It still consumes mana, so not an exploit, just counts as though I’m continually pressing the button, which is actually nice sometimes. :wink:

Seems it’s a long-standing issue:

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In Warpath keeps spinning the devs had responded:

This is an issue that we’re tracking internally. This is actually two separate Warpath issues present here, the first being that Warpath can constantly channel itself after a short press of the key Warpath is bound to. The second issue here is that your character can sometimes get stuck in Warpath’s channel animation but not actually be casting it. Using any other skill should break you out of these states.

We made a change in 0.9.1 that was intended to significantly reduce the chance of this accidentally occuring, but expected it to still happen to some extent.

Is it accidentally occurring often enough to cause a problem for you? If you’re using it intentionally to keep Warpath active without needing to hold down the button that’s fine, I’m just wondering if it’s causing frustration and we should work on a more comprehensive fix.

Thanks for the report!


It’s only happened twice to me after 8 hours of playing my Void Knight and it was on accident, but then after that I seemed to do be able to do it more reliably once I saw how it was triggered. It’s not getting in the way of my gameplay, just came to report the bug and saw there were already many threads on it. :wink:

It causes a slight problem where if I’m channeling Warpath (which doesn’t regen mana while channeling), and I don’t have enough mana left to cast an attack… getting Warpath to stop so I can get a tick of mana regeneration is a bit tricky.

For me, the “toggle mode” bug happens quite a lot. For other attacks, I am using Vengeance, Judgement, and Lunge on a Sentinel-Paladin. I would say I am 70% okay with how it is, mostly because I got used to the behavior prior to 0.9.1. It would be great if it was consistent, but I can mostly play with it. Other people’s builds as well as fresh players or people trying out Sentinel might be a lot rougher with the toggle conditions.

I can’t speak for all players, but for me I would mark this as a “medium” priority. (not high, and not urgent).


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