Warpath Crash

I’m using warpath with a LOAD of on-hit effects.

Specifically, the flame bursts from holy aura, the AoE pulses from orbiting devouring orb, future strike procs, divine bolt, time rot, temporal blight from abyssal echoes AND the pull from abyssal echoes.

I’ve had 2 crashes in arena today, seemingly caused by pulling enemies with abyssal echoes and proccing this large number of effects with a fast weapon.

This appears to be a relatively new problem, as I played this build ~2 weeks ago and had no issues, though there was a moderate and (IMO)acceptable amount of lag.

I’m wondering if something on the backend has changed to cause the game to calculate proc effects differently, or if I was just getting lucky before now.

It’s also possible that Finality in the VK tree is problematic here.

Thanks for the report!

If this happens again could you upload a log file?


Sure can, do you want a wall of text or is there a place I can actually upload it to your site?

Edit: It happened again, and again.

When you’re typing a post there should be an upload button you can use.

It’s the seventh button going from left to right.

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