Sentinel - Void Knight - Warpath - Continuous Channel Bug

It is possible to channel warpath without holding down the skill; I am unsure if this is intended or if this is a bug. My skill points (don’t think they matter but maybe it does?)

Quicksilver Wind 3/3
Void Spiral 5/5
Unchained 5/5
Bound to Right Click but bug also worked with Q

To get the bug to trigger you must:

Activate Warpath long enough for particle effect to appear.
Release Warpath bound key and immediately tap Warpath bound key.

You must tap or very quickly press/release the key the second time to get the skill to channel without being pressed.

After the bug is triggered, clicking and holding the Warpath key for a second or two and then releasing, or simply using another skill, will stop the infinite channel.

I have 3-4 times since I noticed the bug also got Warpath to bug the spinning animation off - basically warpath channels, kills/hurts objects near by, but my model isn’t spinning but is instead walking around like normal like a Druid using Maelstrom. I have been unable to replicate this bug deliberately so I am unsure what causes it.

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