Ward as a mage

So, at the moment, I’m playing a mage, and just using teleport it’s completely normal for me to run around with 7-8k ward in arena and a lot more in the monolith map. I will say that it took some investment in gear, mainly just shy of 100 int and running around with 600% ward retention. But still, it wasn’t that hard to get.

I’ve tried building for ward stacking as both sorcerer and spellblade, and in theory spellblade would be able to get even more ward via the nodes Mind Slayer and Mind Flame. However, Mindslayer and Mind Flame is completely bugged at the moment and doesn’t give anywhere near as much ward as it’s suppose to

I’m not sure if it’s intended but it seems a bit excessive compared to other classes that I have played. On top of that with enough dodge investment it’s almost impossible for me to die unless I’m falling asleep at the wheels.

get 1000+ waves then;)

Its not that excessive things are just overtuned right now.

Keep in mind all that ward is going to cause you to take more damage. So as waves scale youll really feel it.

I would fall asleep at the that point :grinning: Not even sure what my highest wave is. But I’ve leveled two mages to 75 via the arena, so it can’t be that low, I guess around 300-400? I dunno.

Show build passive skills and active

I’ve now hit around 13k ward at peak and about 765% ward retention at ~lvl 62

I can see it going as high as 20k with the next 20 levels pumped into int passives and through crafting t5 int gear.

Definitely broken but fun AF - enjoy while it lasts!

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hello,I am a Chinese player, why be taken more damadge when the ward is full.

Resists and armour scale to your hp/ward. So if you have 100hp/ward and 100 fire resist, and you take a 100 damage fire hit, you will take 50 damage. But if you have 1000hp/ward and 100 fire resist and take a 100 damage fire hit, you will take 90 damage. That is how resists and armour work in Epoch.

thats my highest so far…
let’s get nerfed once again :smiley:

Why dontnthey just put max limit on ward?
2-4k would be ok

Because hard limits such as that feels bad for players.


would make the unique chest I’m wearing useless. :confused:

The problem is, the resists are pretty useless in current state.
I ignore them completely.
As you can see, I have 1500 life, chest convert life in ward. I have 8000 Ward without stacking , just stand in town.
With 1k life I have like 4400 Ward. I add 480 Necro resists and get 8% protection. That’s almost nothing and if I start playing and the ward number goes up, I end up with 5% protection… And I have 6 different resists to cover.

The investment in resists is so big and the result so little (if you go ward only) - I think that’s the biggest issue here

Edit: Oh and put an limit is always bad, no min.-maxing endgame that’s boring. I’m personally not a big fan of min.-maxing but it’s important for the game

Edit²: I think make resists overall stronger would help life and hybrid builds (life and resists are both suffixes, I don’t think they are equally strong)

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Thank you,and could you tell me the forumla or connection?

I Think I SEE, the higher ward you have,the less ele resists and armour effect.

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I have some thoughts about this, but there’s a similar topic, so I just give a direction.

If to be short: protections are ok, in my opinion. But the ward mechanics itself has a lot of problems, and simple limitations won’t work. That’s why I’m suggesting to change it.

Exactly :slight_smile:

So it’s kind of a trade off, but at the moment it’s hardly any trade at all since you can survive with 0 resists by having a lot of ward.

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