Void Knight void spell echoes all cast a devouring orb

When a void spell echoes due to the VK mastery bonus (including echoing strikes, time legion, and avatar of regret) it always procs a devouring orb. My expectation was that the spell you cast would be echoed.

I first noticed this with abyssal echoes causing devouring orbs to be created. Turns out it also works when toggling ravaging or ephemeral stance since they are ‘void’ and ‘spells’. Here’s an example:

Further insight, my initial assessment appears to be wrong. The echo that occurs seems to be the last action I’ve taken that has a valid echo ability?

e.g. if I’ve used Vengeance last the echos of Ravaging Stance, Ephemeral Stance, and Abyssal Echoes will be a Vengeance attack. If I use Devouring Orb they’ll be a Devouring Orb.

Further data point, this behavior is only true for Abyssal Echoes if you have the node that makes it instant cast. If it is NOT instant the echo will be a cast of Abyssal Echoes. If it IS instant, the cast will be your last non-instant attack or void spell.

So if you use an echo-able skill (eg, Devouring Orb) then spam a stance (where an echo wouldn’t really make sense) you get an echo of the previous “proper” skill (Devouring Orb in this case)?

That is the behavior I’m seeing, yes. And taking the ‘instant cast’ node for abyssal echoes appears to turn it from an echo-able skill into a non echo-able skill.

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