Abyssal echoes not benefit from void knight mastery repeat chance and all relevant nodes in tree

I know it maybe overlapping this bug:

But it was opened around half a year ago and there was no developers reaction on it.
As i understand it some how connected with abyssal echoes node, that makes this skill instant cast (with cooldown), I didn’t check it as not instant cast.
But anyway a result is that skill is never repeated.

There was a bug with instant cast skills and the Void Knight’s echo mechanic whereby if an instant skill proced the echo, the previous non-instant skill would be echoed instead.

Not sure if that was ever fixed, but its probably what’s happening to you.

In a previous patch we fixed the bug where getting an Echo after using an Instant Cast skill would Echo the wrong skill (whatever non-instant skill you had used last). It seems like we didn’t fully fix the interaction between Echoing and Instant Cast skills though.

We’ll look into this. Thanks!


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