Void Cleave Restrictions must go

Void Cleave requires a 2 hand Sword or Axe ONLY to function. I found this amazing Shadow Beacon mace that is designed for Void Knights, and it gimps my build because it turns off Void Cleave. Void Cleave should function with ANY 2-hand weapon in my opinion.


Agreed, Void Cleave is also the best movement skill in Sentinel and should definitely be more accessible. Lunge is literal garbage rn with its 5 points for invuln (transplant/teleport have it at base, shift and fury leap have it way more accessible and the 4 travel nodes block chance while lunging become USELESS with invuln), meme distance based and only on kill procs(ah let me just walk 10m away during a hectic boss fight and lunge in, will totally work for bosses like Julra/Heorot), and requirement of an enemy to actually move making it awful for repositioning from boss oneshots(the whole point of a movement skills utility)

Sorry for Lunge rant, pls gib a node for Void Cleave to be usable with any weapon and we can forget this skill exists.

I would love to use Void Cleave with Sunforged Hammer to buff my minions. Sunforged set grant +3 maximum Forged Weapons with full set. It’s a shame that Void Cleave is not available with 2h hammer.

Come to think of it, why does Void Cleave have weapon restriction?

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Because you can’t cleave with a blunt weapon. The action requires a sharp edge.


I mean… the word cleave itself doesn’t lend itself to the crushing aspects of a hammer, but I’m all for more options. Eternal Eclipse is the weapon I’m using for my void cleave character.

Though seemingly frustrating to some, I do like the tradeoff of how powerful the skill is because of the weapon restriction. But, maybe, a node requiring a 2hand hammer to be used for the skill called “Void Smash” could be suggested for the future.

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Void Assault.

Problem solved, you’re welcome.


Well, you can’t rive with a blunt weapon neither.


Maybe certain weapons should just get to get used with it, maybe they give themselves exceptions to the restriction. That’d be kinda neat. That way you get those items without opening it up to all the ones the devs apparently didn’t want to go with it.

Clearly you’re not swinging your blunt weapons hard enough.

Sure you can! Rive is “to split or tear apart violently”. Hit something with a sledge hammer and tell me that sucker don’t split apart!


In my experience it tends to splat rather than split.

A sharp edge is also given on spears in a way. Yet we can’t use those either, which is a shame. I was looking for another weapon with crit multiplier implicit to upgrade to from my odachi 2h sword, but there is no option here apart from a trident, which can’t use void cleave either.
And to add to the whole discussion here… we’re kinda using void energy to cleave anyway. What does the weapon really matter? I also ran around with a sword early game and threw rotating hammers. I mean… right?

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Appreciate the lulz, gents!!
P.S. 100% should be able to VC with Shadow Beacon.

There aren’t enough skills for there to be hard restrictions like this. I prefer the approach taken with Erasing Strike and Warpath, where 2H or specific 2H weapons are incentivized, but not forced.

Let us cleave with 1H weapons, but reduces its AoE. Add a node that adds more damage if you’re using a 2H sword/axe.

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I made a sick spear only to find out void cleave does this clunky slow animation that never hits anything, sadge. Skill description should make it clear only certain 2 handers work, or better yet, let all 2handers work.

It does though. The first line under the name of the skill says “Requires a 2-handed sword or axe”


Maybe this feature should be default. Something like: Void Cleave can be used with any weapon, but gains extra bouns if you are using 2h sword or 2h axe.


Thats on me then. Make the skill greyed out in that case, felt pretty sad when I was running monos and my boy swung at like .0004 aps and totally whiffed, I legit just thought it was a bug, sort of like lunge getting stuck in place until you spam other skills to delodge from the frozen state.

Still cast my vote to include other 2handers, hell spears have sharp tips that can cause some sort of bodily harm if swung in a half circle. Even if the wound results in a bandaid and antibacterial cream, it hurts a little!

Yeah, its already there with Javelin which takes 30% of base damage only with spears or even skill specific nodes like in Rive or Upheaval trees.

I wanna make more sentinels but being limited to Lunge as a moveskill is awful.

Are you limited to lunge though? All my sentinels use Shield Rush with the node that lets you use it without a shield…

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And the rest of its tree is useless with a mana cost that still chunks unless you are using a mana generator. Atleast Void cleave has some decent utility…

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