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Very low FPS because of leaving mobs alive in Monoliths

If I skip all the mobs and run directly to the “quest encounter” in monoliths, the game gets extremely laggy. From 144 fps to less than 10 fps. The more mobs I leave alive and the more visual effects they use (for example those water shields drop fps insanely), the faster the fps drops to unplayable.

I’ve tried this on 3 different builds now and this happens every time, tested both on medium and very low settings. I think you guys keep rendering the mobs we “activate/see” and never deactivate them. I suggest doing what PoE does = only render ~2-3 screens worth of radius around our character, and if we aggro a mob and then run out of that radius, it stops rendering.

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Hey… this could be one of the side efffects related to the fact that LE (unlike other arpgs) has the mobs follow you indefinitely. i.e. if you tag them, they will follow you to the end of the map or until they die… Caught me off guard the first time I played as most games tend to have mobs “lose aggro” after a certain time/distance.

It could very well be that the game is trying to path the mobs to you - not even worrying about rendering yet… and multiply this by 100’s of mobs, then I’d figure that it could bring even the most powerful spec system to its knees… Probably similar to the fps loss when you have a minion heavy build…

I also dont do mob pulls on LE because of this issue…

Lets hope they fix this through their various optimisations with each patch…

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