Vendor buyback bugged

What happened

When selling my unique item Gamblers Fallacy by shift + right clicking, and then going to buy the item back from the vendors inventory the same way, will buy the item back but not move the item to the players inventory. The item is not visible in the vendors inventory as well as my own. I only have seen this so far with the item the Gamblers Fallacy.

Where it happened

The vendor Annya the Blacksmith located in The Council Chambers

Steps to recreate bug

  • Shift + Right click to sell item

  • Shift + Right click to buy item back from vendor

  • Item is now gone from both inventories

Additional details

I tried buying an item from the vendor, then selling it back to them and when i did this, the Gamblers Fallacy item appears back in the vendors inventory. Which is odd. I tried clicking the item so i can re buy it again, and when clicking it, the item disapears.

I also noticed when leaving the vendor and going back to the vendor and buying somethig in the vendors inventory has made the item reappear in my inventory. Weird behaviour.

I would also like to note that this has happened more than one occasion. Both times were playing online and selling the same item again.