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Update on technical issues: 03/29 - 03/31

This weekend we’ve unfortunately had a variety of technical issues affecting both the game itself as well as services including our website, user authentication, and e-mail.

As we continue to work on these problems, we’d like to provide you with an update. First of all, on behalf of all of us at Eleventh Hour Games - we are incredibly sorry for the inconvenience these issues have caused. We continue to address them as quickly as we can.

Website outage

Due to a combination of our presence at PAX East and Quin69 streaming the game, some of our web services were temporarily overloaded. During this time our forums, support site, and other ancillary services remained operational. Account pages, our store page, and some static pages (FAQ page, Classes page, etc.) were not available during this outage.

Status: This issue has been resolved.

No models at Class Selection Screen

Some users have reported no character models being shown at the class selection screen when creating a character, which prevents them from proceeding with character creation.

Patch includes a fix for this bug.

Status: This issue has been resolved.

Error: "Failed to Log in to Chat and Ladder"

We have a support article regarding this error message.

Please see

Status: This issue has been resolved.

Error: "Alpha Access is Currenly Restricted..."

This was caused by user authentication issues on our which we have since corrected.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Status: This issue has been resolved as of Patch

Automated e-mails not being sent

Earlier today some of our automated e-mails were not being sent. We have worked with our service provider to correct the problem. This issue has now been fully resolved.

Status: This issue has been resolved.

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Closing this thread down as the issues to which it refers have all been resolved.

If you encounter a problem with similar symptoms, please contat us directly through the support site and we’ll help you out. Thanks for your patience!