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Alpha and Patch Notes


  • Renamed the Health Gained on Kill suffix to just Health on Kill.
  • Added a Health on Melee Hit suffix that can spawn on all melee weapons other than sceptres and wands.


  • Updated scaling in the Arena.


  • Added attribute scaling to procced lightning strikes (4% damage per point of Intelligence or Attunement).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Arena not being accessible.
  • Likely fixed the downed Companion UI not appearing.
  • Fixed lightning skills being blurry for some users.
  • Fixed some bugs with Arena scaling.
  • Fixed the Lightning Damage and Lightning Leech and Increased Healing Effect affixes not having shards.
  • Fixed characters loading into Last Refuge Outskirts regardless of progression.
  • Fixed the visual effects of the indicator of Void-Touched Archivist’s Ice Mortar.
  • Fixed the player marker on the End of Time waypoint indicator on the map panel not working.
  • Fixed the waypoint being absent from the Lost Refuge minimap.
  • Fixed the positioning of the waypoint on the Wasteland minimap.
  • Fixed an issue with Smoldering Lithrac visual effects.
  • Fixed a typo on the World Map.


  • Added a visual effect to the Primalist’s leap on the character creation screen
  • Improved Mage character creation visuals
  • Adjusted the position of the Acolyte’s character creation


  • The Quest Log now shows all objectives for a quest, with completed objectives having a checkmark

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a case where character creation could get stuck if cancelling during an animation.
  • Fixed a bug where the character models could fail to show in class selection if you had no existing characters.
  • Implemented more fixes for the downed Companion system UI.
  • Fixed failing to connect to chat and leaderboards preventing people from playing the game
  • Glyph of Stability’s description now reflects the new Instability terminology.


We believe we’ve identified the cause of the bug resulting in some players being erroneously shown the “Alpha access is restricted…” error and we hope to have a fix released tomorrow.

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Do you think these changes fixed the problem with the lesser refuge quest not giving passive points?:slight_smile:

That bug fix was not included in either of these hotfixes.

It’s possible the issue will be resolved in an update tomorrow, but I can’t say for certain.

What’s the ETA on the “Failed to log in to chat and ladder” error being fixed? I’ve changed my password even and it still won’t let me play the game. All I want to do is play. This is incredibly irritating.

Please see our support article regarding this error message;

“Added a Health on Melee Hit suffix that can spawn on all melee weapons other than sceptres and wands.”

Would it not just be easier to call it life per hit?

Thank you for the feedback @whitearchon.

While we could call it Life instead of Health, it’s not an affix intended to work with ranged weapons such as bows, and thus we want to clarify that in the name of the affix.