[Update] - Matchmaking, Queues, and Servers - Online!

Sitting a queue of 4,801 that has gone down to 4500 and then back up.


When will the que be up I have been sitting at #0 que for about 1 hour now and nothing is happening and I started at #148 in que. Any one have any ideas on this?

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This is happening to my freinds from the US east coast, i got in immediately no queue in EU

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Hi guys, Canada/Quebec here, and sitting at 0 in queue for about 20min…make sense to wait or it’s dead for tonight?

I have also been at #0 for awhile. I am on the west coast, in Canada. I was playing fine earlier today, I guess the lesson is just: never, ever, ever log out?

thanks for reply yeah im in US so guess that is why it is going on with me as well and it is not allowing me to pick anywhere to do anything just sitting in a que I have also left que and come back in and im still at #0 going to be a long wait I guess.

I saw this method posted on reddit and was able to get past the resetting and #0 queue by using a vpn to log in from eu- it was instant without a queue. I exited the game after logging into my character and relogged without the vpn and was able to get in normally without a queue.

Had issue after logging around 7pm US/Central, patch just went live and it immediately fixed. <3 devs

Same issues for me , i can’t get past the que it keeps resetting when i get to zero it goes back up to 1,654. Been like this for past 6 hrs for me.

Hi everyone! We’ve released a client update, 0.9b, which bypasses the queues for now.

Exit the game, and restart Steam if you don’t see the client download right away. After updating, hop in game! Thanks for your patience.


Works like a charm, thanks!

Forced to use a VPN to log in, otherwise I can’t get past the Character Selection screen.
Always the same ending:
You lost connection to the game server.

It is impossible to play because game select to me the WRONG server.
i’m from Brazil.
US centra is 200 ms
SA server is 40 ms

And the game ALWAYS put me at US central server.

Hi :slight_smile:
There are some known issues with SA users being sent to NA servers.
You can add your support to my suggestion here:

I am unable to connect at all - even after patch 9g2. Not that that matters as matchmaking was not mentioned. March 9th was the last evidence of this being referenced - according to my search. Is there any solution or fixes underway? Anywhere i can see which server i am attempting to log in to?


I activated a VPN to try and change my general region within my country, and I got in right away.

Are you getting LE-52 error code whej you try to log in (you might have to wait a while for it to appear)?

It seems to be working now. I just got in with no problems or delays.

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