[Update] - Matchmaking, Queues, and Servers - Online!

Update as of 2023-03-10T16:48:00Z

Temporary Connection Issue - Reverting Changes

We are aware of a recent resurgence in errors attempting to connect to servers. We are reverting a recent change in conjunction with further investigating the issue.


We have mitigated the issues impacting our server capacity and matchmaking, which were preventing players from joining new servers. There are still login queues in some regions, but these queues are now being processed correctly and you should be able to allocate servers.

While these systems are not at the quality we want them to be we are happy to report that more and more players joining one another in Eterra for the first time :slight_smile:


Nice. Now we get to see who wins bets on CCU :smiley:

we’ve been stuck at 350 in the queue for almost 10 minutes now. Haven’t changed positions.

I’ve been stuck at #434 in que for 45 min and hasn’t went down at all? WTH I have been waiting a long time to play the game on multiplayer for me to sit in a queue all night and never be able to play. This needs to be fixed. hundreds of people should have to wait in a ques for hours just to try and play. I hope this gets fixed this soon. Stuck in a queue not being able to play is almost as bad as the game being so bugged its not worth playing.

Better than me, I went from 478 to 3,853

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same, went up to 3718.

I seem to have narrowed my issues down to my PC/Network.

I do not enter a login queue. I cannot enter game, it says “You lost connection to the game server.”

On my steam deck, I also cannot connect when on my wifi. If I connect to my phones mobile hot spot, then I can get into the game, I made it all the way to Last Refuge.

Unfortunately, my PC doesn’t have wifi adapter so I can’t connect to local hot spot. Seems really weird that my network would be the issue, but that’s all I can guess.

EDIT: Well, just got a VPN and I was able to log in. Something wrong with my IP/Network? I also couldn’t connect during the multiplayer beta a few weeks ago.

LE-51 is my error code. LE-51 AN UNKNOWN ERROR HAS OCCURED. This is great, I waited so long for multiplayer and everyone I talked into playing is able to play without me lol. Wonderful.

FIXED: Delete your old save files and it should allow you to get into the game to create online characters.

i have the same error code LE-51.
I can’t login to the game.

I have no issue with log in. No queue, no error LE-51 anymore.

Stuck at queue #398 for the last 15mins…

I’m stuck at #456 in queue for last 10min as well
#edit On VPN to Europe I logged in without any queue

we are having rollback problems on the SA servers, I just lost more than 3 hours of progression of my character, items etc, even the items in my stash disappeared, I dropped from level 45 to level 26 after being disconnected

It was probably a conflict with steam’s autosave, I looked in my folder to see if there was an individual save for the character, but there wasn’t, just a ‘‘steam_autocloud’’ file, and now I’ve deactivated my steam cloud. Please fix this.

I can not even play offline now?


Seems like the issues with the queues from last night (EU) are back. Queue doesn’t move.

Edit: I can even leave the queue and enter it again at the same spot even though friends are stuck further back in queue than I am.
Edit 2: It’s moving, but backwards. Just went from spot 1048 to 1073!


Timing out the idle player may be an improvement. I was away for 2 hours today and nothing happened.

in my case the queue dont go down, go up !!! hahahahahaha i am in 3420 and now waiting it go down i stay at 3445

Same problem as yesterday, I still can’t log in, there’s not even a queue

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Still getting the le-51 error

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Whole day was loggin in and out without problems, 18:00 hit and boom 2k queue as if I was transferred to a different region server -_- and queue goes only up what is wrong with it?