Upcoming Item Improvements

Last Epoch is currently in Phase 2 of our Early Access Forecast.

In anticipation of several of Phase 3 entries, we have been rewriting the items backend. Today we’d like to show you some of the improvements this work has facilitated!

The below images are previews of works in progress which are still being iterated on.

In an upcoming update, we will be adding a search bar to your stash so that you either look for items with specific affixes or search for particular unique items.


Sorting Items in Stash Tabs

We’re also making it possible to sort the items stored within a stash tab. This groups the items together so that as much space as possible is made available for other items.



Updating 2d Art Backgrounds

Equipment has 2d art which is displayed over a background, which is coloured to reflect the rarity of that item. As the backgrounds for equipment 2d art are beginning to look a little dated, we will be updating these in the near future.

Below you can find examples of a unique item, a magic item with fewer than three affixes, and a magic item with more than two affixes. (Last Epoch does not have a distinct ‘rare’ rarity.)


Inventory Window Improvements

Continuing our steady user interface updates, Patch 0.7.5 will improve the inventory window. While we’re not yet ready to show off everything, we have prepared a sneak peek;


Level Requirement Indicator

Items in your inventory or stash with an unsatisfied level requirement will be marked with an X to show that they are not yet usable. The combination of this, and the ability to search stash tabs, should result in finding appropriate items on alts much more convenient.


Gold Cost Indicator

Items in a shop window will be given a red tint if you cannot currently afford to purchase them. We have this functionality implemented, and are currently iterating on its appearance.


Ring Quality of Life Fix

When right-clicking on a ring to equip it, it will be possible to use a modifier key to equip it in your second ring slot. We’re currently using the Ctrl key for this, although that is non-final.



I’ll says ring QoL and searchable stash are probably the top two improvements I’m excited about! Followed by level req indicator :smile:

YES! the patch I’ve been waiting for! Sorting stash and the alt Ring equip :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Happy to hear that item appearance is being worked on. Have to agree some of it looks dated, same with some of the actual item 2d art. Thanks for the update.

Now Just to have more stash tabs and no stash tab/item bug when logging into game that kills fps for 30-60 seconds. Moving items between characters and logging in several times is a moral killer lol. Love the updates though keep them coming!


Nice improvements, looking forward to it.
One minor nitpick. On the stats overview panel, there seems to be more vertical spacing between text items compared to the resistances. Just looking at the text this already appears to be the case. It’s compounded upon by the icons.
Maybe it’s because I’ve trained myself professionally to look at stuff like that, but I find aesthetically rather unpleasant to see. It makes the resistances part look crowded or messy for lack of better words.


Please, please, please while you’re doing this type of stuff, fix the tooltip placement. It’s awful currently. It often occludes other items under the tooltip I often have to mouse completely out of the area and go back to hover over the equipment I want to see the tooltip for. I know this is a solveable issue as I don’t see the same issues in other, similar games. It’s frustrating.

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This is definitely on our radar, Rasdan. Hopefully we’ll have time to address it before this next patch. Thanks for the feedback

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That´s great! And while u´r at inventory might u plz fix the loading bug and than give us more inventory space… or at least fix the loading bug, so that mules become a real possbility!


All great changes. I assume item buyback is still in the works?

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love the search functionality (for builds, because I hoard yellow items) and the level requirement indicator (because I tend to level an alt every time I make a build guide).

Great Work!

what is this loading bug?

The loading time everytime u log into a char! It´s most likely not a bug, but synchronizing local and online saves!

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Love this guys! Im very happy to making every mastery in the BETA and then master every mastery :smiley:

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