Unresponsive after a bit of playing

Hello :slight_smile:

I got the game this weekend on Steam and am having fun so far. My issue is, the longer I have the game running the more laggy it gets. After about an hour in the game it becomes very unresponsive and my frame rate drops and becomes unplayable, like 10-5 fps or worse. I reboot and then Im good to go for awhile but it slowly gets worse. I cant even open or scroll my browser on my other monitor until I quit the game- and that takes like 3-4 min.

DxDiag.txt (113.8 KB)

Hi there,

This could potentially be caused by overheating.

Please download and install HWMonitor. Play the game while it’s running in the background, then after you experience the slow down after approximately an hour of gameplay, take a screenshot showing all of the temperatures (example), upload it to Imgur, and post a link.

You may need to drag the bottom of HWMonitor down to make the window large enough to display all of the temperatures at once (alternatively, multiple screenshots would be fine).

See the link below


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