Unplayable performance

I’m exploring really long load times and my machine locks up when trying to start this game. During this time memory maxes out (I have 8GB RAM) and even after the game completes loading, it still takes about 90%. Is there something I can do improve performance or should I look at refunding this for now?

Just trying to make sure I understand before attempting to answer your question - are you primarily interested in increasing performance or lowering system resource usage?

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Increasing performance.

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

You didnt provide much detail as to your machine specs & software so its hard to speculate… See https://support.lastepoch.com/ on providing this data and other support info…

So assuming your system is capable and not a potato :wink: … key things you can try is to reduce graphical settings to their lowest, enable things like vsync /framerate limiting, disable anti-aliasing etc… All of these reduce various things like CPU/GPU and memory load while improving performance. Load times are highly affected by harddrive performance… i.e. there is a noticeable difference in HDD vs SSD vs NVME loading performance. Another thing is to not try to do anything else on your system at the same time you are playing… i.e. unless your system is very capable, I wouldnt do anything taxing in background.

Without more info, thats the best suggestion I could offer.

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