Unity Crash in any load screen


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The logfile is reporting the crash on nvwgf2umx.dll (NVENCODEAPI_Thunk)… This is part of your graphics card drivers. This kind of error occurs when there is a problem with the driver installation, game files or the hardware is unable to keep up with the settings used…

Assuming your driver is correctly installed (not just an upgrade install - a clean safe mode install) and the game files are not corrupted in the standalone player.

I checked your GPU (750ti) vs the game minimum (660ti) here and your GPU has less performance than the minimum so you are likely to experience problems on anything other than the lowest possible settings of “Very Low”.

While you have foreground framerate limits enabled… Unfortunately its unlikely that your GPU can even get to 60fps at that 1080p resolution… So effectively your limit of 60 is actually not limiting anything - so its quite possible that the game is maxing out your GPU immediately and when the game tries to load something extra, it cannot and crashes… I would suggest that you start on 30fps rather and monitor what your GPU is actually capable of at 1080p. In comparison, i run a 1060 gpu (*almost 200% faster than yours) and i play on very low with 60fps @ 1080p.

I would suggest you open the le_graphicsmanager.ini file in notepad (after a reboot to ensure the game process is not still running - or terminate it via taskmanager) and replace all Low items with VeryLow and change the foreground fps to 30.

One last thing… You are using Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) version of Windows 10… I do not know if it doing anything with the graphics drivers or toggling any performance/stability defaults. Although you have version 19044, I have no idea if LTSC could be doing something on a driver level or being stricter with the Unity game engine dlls etc…

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