Uniques in shops

Hey mates,

Before current 0.7.8 version I’ve seen unique items in merchants’ stocks, and even quite often. In the newest game version they no longer appear there, so I wonder - am I just very unlucky, or they removed possibility of merchants to sell uniques?

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Both Uniques and Idols were removed from merchants’ inventories in patch 0.7.7;

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OH CRAP, what a pity. Thanks mate anyway.

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They can still be gambled for though.

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Uniques you can get from gambling (item type, required level) :

Alchemist's Ladle (Burning Branch, lvl 1)
Arboreal Circuit (Silver Ring, lvl 1)
Arek's Bones (Bladed Mace, lvl 63)
Artor's Legacy (Lupine Helm, lvl 42)
Beast King (Northern Axe, lvl 13)
Beast King (Raider Axe, lvl 45)
Blade of the Forgotten Knight (Deicide Sword, lvl 68)
Bleeding Heart (Jade Amulet, lvl 4)
Bloodgeon (Flanged Mace, lvl 57)
Bone Harvester (Executioner Axe, lvl 23)
Boulderfists (Lagonian Gauntlets, lvl 25)
Chains of Uleros (Noble Sash, lvl 32)
Chimaera's Essence (Jade Amulet, lvl 4)
Cinder Song (Arch Mage Wand, lvl 40)
Close Call (Tower Shield, lvl 9)
Culnivar's Claim (Emerald Sceptre, lvl 50)
Death Rattle (Turquoise Amulet, lvl 36)
Defiance of the Forgotten Knight (Tower Shield, lvl 9)
Draalsting (Talon Spear, lvl 18)
Dreamthorn (Doomblade, lvl 15)
Eterra's Path (Brigandine Boots, lvl 30)
Eye of Reen (Katana, lvl 40)
Fiery Dragon Shoes (Solarum Greaves, lvl 67)
Fighting Chance (Iron Gauntlets, lvl 15)
Frozen Ire (Ice Sceptre, lvl 33)
Grimoire of Necrotic Elixers (Stained Tome, lvl 24)
Halvar's Pledge (Woodland Staff, lvl 50)
Halvar’s Stand (Heoborean Boots, lvl 43)
Hammer of Lorent (Sledgehammer, lvl 1)
Heirloom of the Last Nomad (Ruby Ring, lvl 63)
Hollow Finger (Turquoise Ring, lvl 31)
Humming Bee (Falchion, lvl 6)
Ignivar's Head (Ashen Skull, lvl 50)
Isadora's Gravechill (Noble Gloves, lvl 31)
Isadora's Tomb Binding (Plated Belt, lvl 19)
Jungle Queen's Chaps of Holding (Leather Belt, lvl 14)
Keeper's Gloves (Refuge Gloves, lvl 1)
Kermode's Cage (Nomad Garb, lvl 54)
Legacy of the Quiet Forest (Bronze Belt, lvl 50)
Liath's Signet (Gold Ring, lvl 45)
Locket of the Forgotten Knight (Silver Amulet, lvl 24)
Maehlin's Hubris (Engraved Gauntlets, lvl 47)
Morditas' Reach (Ranseur, lvl 70)
Mourningfrost (Leather Boots, lvl 8)
Orian's Eye (Oracle Amulet, lvl 76)
Pebbles' Bitemarked Sash (Sash, lvl 12)
Pebbles' Collar (Ancient Tome, lvl 12)
Pebbles' Femur (Necromancer Wand, lvl 30)
Plague Bearer's Staff (Gate Staff, lvl 40)
Rahyeh's Light (Great Shield, lvl 33)
Rainbow Edge (Eastern Blade, lvl 30)
Reach of the Grave (Necromancer Wand, lvl 4)
Ring of the Third Eye (Copper Ring, lvl 1)
Riverbend Grasp (Leather Gloves, lvl 8)
Shroud of Obscurity (Heretic Armor, lvl 13)
Soul Bastion (Imperial Shield, lvl 24)
Soulfire (Solarum Ensign, lvl 34)
Storm Breaker (Lagonian Hammer, lvl 35)
Stormtide (Iron Greaves, lvl 24)
Strong Mind (Copper Amulet, lvl 18)
Suloron's Step (Brigandine Boots, lvl 57)
Sunforged Cuirass (Solarum Plate, lvl 60)
Sunforged Hammer (Terror Mace, lvl 65)
Taste of Blood (Battle Axe, lvl 20)
Tempest Maw (Raider Axe, lvl 45)
The Ashen Crown (Silver Crown, lvl 42)
The Claw (Brass Amulet, lvl 4)
The Fang (Bone Amulet, lvl 58)
The Invoker's Frozen Heart (Silver Amulet, lvl 24)
The Invoker's Scorching Grasp (Ruby Ring, lvl 10)
The Invoker's Static Touch (Sapphire Ring, lvl 16)
The Last Bear's Fury (Noble Gloves, lvl 31)
The Last Laugh (Ancient Blade, lvl 47)
The Scavenger (Leather Belt, lvl 14)
The Slab (Heater Shield, lvl 1)
Tome of Elements (Ancient Tome, lvl 1)
Torch Of The Pontifex (Great Mace, lvl 20)
Undisputed (Welryn Axe, lvl 59)
Vipertail (Sash, lvl 6)
Volcanus (Zweihander, lvl 58)
Ward Trail (Ranger's Belt, lvl 60)
Wing Guards (Engraved Gauntlets, lvl 45)

Uniques you can’t get from gambling:

Boneclamor Barbute (Gladiator Helmet, lvl 65)
Calamity (Jewelled Circlet, lvl 7)
Decayed Skull (Dome Cap, lvl 24)
Decayed Skull (Gladiator Helmet, lvl 65)
Doublet of Onos Tull (Leather Coat, lvl 5)
Exsanguinous (Noble Raiment, lvl 23)
Fractured Crown (Jewelled Circlet, lvl 7)
Isadora's Revenge (Bronze Casque, lvl 39)
Last Gift of the Mountain (Overgrowth Bloom, lvl 42)
Orchirian's Petals (Overgrowth Bloom, lvl 35)
Prism Wraps (Leather Coat, lvl 5)
Snowblind (Gladiator Helmet, lvl 65)
Snowblind (Iron Casque, lvl 10)
Sunforged Greathelm (Bronze Casque, lvl 39)
The Falcon (Refuge Armor, lvl 1)
The Last Bear's Lament (Dome Cap, lvl 28)
The Last Bear's Scorn (Banded Armor, lvl 27)
Titan Heart (Copper Plate, lvl 41)
Ucenui's Sphere (Navigation Orb, lvl 61)
Urzil's Pride (Iron Armor, lvl 15)
Valeroot (Forest Garb, lvl 35)
Yrun's Wisdom (Banded Armor, lvl 27)

Much thanks mate. Though assuming lowered chance to acquire an unique from gambling I bet it’ll be faster for me to discover how to alter save file to get Liath’s Signet than winning it :confused:

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HELL YEAH, I got Liath’s Signet via gambling! Not even that many tries, around 40.

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This is great, thank you so much!!

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