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Unarchving packages way to slow!

Right had a dismal 2 hours…

First I have been playing through steam since beta launched, then today I get the new patch, no drama played the game. Shut down, came back and steam was stuck in an infinite validating loop! Uninstalled and downloaded from here…

Now I’m stuck at 97.6% whilst the unarchiving process is underway, but it’s moving so imperceptibly Im going to be here all night!

Does anyone have a fix for this? I downloaded the game in 20 minutes, my internet speed and pc is working fine?

Edit: Just cancelled as it was going so slow, now have to download it all again!!!

Bloodyhell…I’m trying on steam again, please find a fix for this issue on steam after patching…this has never happened to me before, and I own over 100 games on steam.

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