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Unable to launch game


I just downloaded the game through Steam. When I launched the game through Steam, the game crashed and steam also crashed.

Please help to resolve the problem.

Sean Wu

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

There are some things to try:

  1. Verify the game files through Steam - there was an update a little while ago today and if Steam didnt install correctly its likely you have a corrupted install. This is likely the main cause of any problem.

  2. Make 100% sure your OS is patched and that you are using a new graphics card driver

  3. Dont run any other applications while you run LE… Do not use overlays (Steam/Nvidia) etc.

For more help, please post your system information, and game logs or errors logs if the game managed to create any before it crashed.

I had the same issue. I had Steam check the files, it redownloaded around 20MB and now it’s OK, I’ve been able to launch the game.

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Be careful of saying “same issue”, it is seldom the case. For instance, I have also “been crashing” since 0.8.2 and all of its patches, but I can guarantee you that my issue id certainly not a simple matter of verification, small download, and off to the races. I have a massive support thread going on my issues…

If OP is having this problem, they really need to attach the files needed for diagnosis to attempt to see what the problem actually is.

Often, a community leader like Vapourfire can help you to get going with the info in those logs, other times you might need to open a ticket and get specialised help. However, it is important to bear in mind that while a Tiger is a Cat, not all Cats are Tigers… :wink:

I solved my problem by downloading from Windows Launcher plus patched the game through the launcher in new location. Then I copy-pasted all the data files to replace files in Steam common Last Epoch files.

So, we can safely assume that it was nothing to do with your OS environment or a conflict with the game engine then. It was more than likely more to do with the Steam Authentification and the link to your account here.

Good news, glad you’re in the game again.

Lol… where the hell did you get that one… Lead from the back more likely… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@kidconan Ok… sounds like you may have dodged a Steam issue by using the standalone launcher… That is usually a more complicated next step if steam is not giving you joy… Glad you resolved the issue and thanks for posting the solution.

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