Unable to find Graphics.ini file

Hi, I’m looking to change my graphic settings but all I see are dropdown menus that say OPTION A, OPTION B, OPTION C. I tried to find the graphics.ini file according to this link but I couldn’t find it.

I’ve also tried setting my NVIDIA settings to Maximum Performance and have verified the integrity of my game files using Steam.



Is this on Windows, Linux, or macOS?

If on Windows, have you tried setting Windows to show hidden files and folders?

If you’re definitely in the right folder and can’t find the file, could you please show us a screenshot of the files & folders present? It could help us figure out what went wrong.

It’s on Windows. I turned on hidden files and folders, found and deleted the graphic.ini file, and everything’s working now.

Thanks and thumbs up to your customer service! It’s really amazing to see players receive prompt and adequate support.

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