Unable to connect on specific character

On my primary character, runemaster, I was trying to load into the cultist town. Got a disconnect message after a while of loading. Now I am completely unable to log in on that character. Every time I try I get LE-65. I can make new characters and log in on them, but it seems that my runemaster is locked through a bug.


I am having the same issue. has there been any resolution for you?

Same/ But with new character I cant log in too/

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same problem with my warlock. i can enter with new character :frowning:

I’m having the same issue. On my rogue I get disconnected when trying to log in. I can log into other characters just fine.

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Hopefully we can get some more information on this.

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Not sure if it helps but I just completed a quest where some elk god got killed right before the initial disconnect. The disconnect happened after I turned in a quest and I was being zoned to somewhere else.

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I think I did the same. I am not 100% sure though. I made a separate post with my log. Hoping to get a GM response soon… this is annoying to deal with. I don’t want to level again.

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Did u fix it? got exactly the same problem after a elk god…

On Steam, go to the game, select the cog for manage, and select properties, and uncheck steam cloud, [keep games saves in teh steam cloud for last epoch]. Devs send me this on discord and its WORKING now !!! Try that solution !