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Unable to click buttons, general input issues

Hello, I am facing the same issues, after buying the game yesterday on Steam. I have created an account and when i get to the “Play” screen, i click on it and nothing happens. Basically the cursor moves over the boxes, it highlights them but i cannot click anything. I have tried restarting the system several times, verifying the file integrity, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, verifying the file integrity again (after reinstall) and nothing. I don’t get the “Not responding” or anything, just doesn’t launch.
UPDATE-ish: I have uninstalled the Steam version of the game and downloaded and installed the game from the website; same issue. I can’t click on the box where i have to put my email and password or anything else (although the boxes for Submit, Settings or Exit highlight when i move the cursor over them).
UPDATE 1: I have finally managed to get into the actual game after several minutes of clicks and pressing “ENTER” and got to the Traveller’s Camp. Up to this point the gameplay has been smooth, the only issue i have is that the bottom buttons (i.e. Q W E R, etc) keep flashing on and off as i move the mouse arround and althought the cursor has a smooth moving animation it shows like a second cursor behind it as it moves. Also, i have tried accessing the Main Menu tab but still cannot click on Settings or Resume for instance; same issue like before, it highlights the speciffic boxes where the cursor is but cannot click. Furthermore, i have tried to speak with the NPC’s in the camp; i can click and select them but i cannot select the dialogue.
UPDATE 2: Hmm. Ok. Just took out and put back in the mouse and keyboard USBs and also removed all other USB plugs and weirdly that did the trick. Now the game is running perfect on the “from the site download”. Reinstalled the Steam version and it does work there as well :smiley:

I’ve split this post into its own thead-- the original poster of the previous thread wasn’t able to even see the title screen, so you seem to be experiencing a different issue.

From the issues you have described, it sounds like the game is erroneously switching input devices very quickly. We have some fixes for this coming in our next update (0.7.6). In the meantime, could you please try unplugging any controllers, flight sticks, or other peripherals you have plugged in other than your keyboard and mouse?


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