Ultimate Lightning Sorcerer. 250k Crits! 0.8d

Video (Lots of people asking for updates! Here it is)

Build Overview

  • High Damage
  • High Survivability
  • Decoys (Mirror Images) dont scale


  • Initially posted December 17th 2020. Viable for 0.8d




Flame Ward
Elemental Nova


The main affix on idols you want is % increased health. FLat health. Lightning damage. Elemental Area.


Below is a Tunklab Gearplanner link that has been put together from the gear shown in the build video. This gear is not be min-maxed correctly but should give you a basic idea on how to get started.

Ultimate Lightning Sorcerer Gear planner Link


Thanks for this build! To me it seems a bit similar to AoD Necro, fast echo runner but it actually can deal solid damage to bosses. AoD Necro falters a bit in that regard, though its not bad at all. Gonna try this one out next, I dont have a Mage yet anyway so thanks a lot for making this

Dude, I just repecced an old Sorcerer that I thought was great (for that patch), but this build kills! I just wanted to check it out and it’s so powerful.

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Just a quick correction. Your focus isn’t dealing damage every 0.4 seconds, it’s dealing it every 0.625 seconds.

The node makes it proc +60% more frequently. It does not reduce the time between procs by 60%.

If it procced +100% more frequently, that would mean it procs twice as often, or every 0.5 seconds, not infinitely forever.

So you can think of it as proccing 1.6 times per second instead of once, which works out to 0.625 procs/second.

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Looks to me like somebody here… puts on sunglasses… Did the Maph.



Good one :slight_smile: very phunny

Can you use the Ashen Crown helmet with this build? To use Ele Nova at range?

Or would it weaken the char too much?

You can use it
Typically if one item can change your build from being in melee range to having a long range and play at a safe distance its likely increase your survivabilty not weaken it.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I guess my question was: is the fire aura on crit & shock on hit and cooldown recovery from rare helm better despite having to be in melee range or is the Ashen Crown good enough for the build to function.

I see that we don’t run max res or crit avoidance, so might be safer?

Also, I ditched Meteor to use Static Orb like your other Mage build.

How much dps does the Fire Aura stuff give? It’s a lot of passive points, is it a big dps boost?

Lvl 70 really enjoying the build so far.

one last thing i would recommend, is removing static orb and trying lightning blast, dont use the lightning blast, just spec into all the spark charge effect with it and watch your damage triple from the spark charges on elemental nova.

I’m not sure to understand, do you mean that lightning blast with spark charges affect the elemental nova without actually using lightning blast ? Or it’s like casting ele nova and right after lightning spark ?? I’m so confused XD

Edit : It’s the opposite right ? Casting lightning blast and then ele nova, seem like ele nova deal more damage that way for me

You do not need to cast lightning blast at all.

Oh that’s a weird and confusing mechanic XD Btw thanks for the build, really fun to play. I don’t know yet if i’ll keep lightning blast or switch back to meteor, the crits were pretty insane when maxed out.

I tried what you suggested, by removing static orb. The spark charges are doing a lot of damage for sure, but the single target on bosses is really poor with only ele nova or a gimped lightning blast for single target.

I went back to using Static Orb for now. Also, in your Sparkinator build you use a wand + catalyst whereas here you use a Staff.

I am finding that my damage is quite poor. What do you suggest to use? Also what are some key stats that might be leading to low dps? Can you share your character sheet screenshot so we can compare? Thanks!

Character sheet is in the video :slight_smile:

How would you lvl mage 1-50 or 60?

use lightning blast and nova. LB for single target Nova for AoE.

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Howdy-doo! Just got into LE a couple weeks back, did a BM & a BD so far thru the campaign (lvl 54’s) was gonna check out a caster now & saw this…nOOb question on the chest & boots specifically - isn’t your HP’s gonna burn down to dead in no time just standing around? Don’t get it. (sorry lol) ty!

It only takes with max boots amd chest 35% of your CURRENT HP so its impossibly to die. Eventually you get to a point your regen is stronger than what its taking

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Do the nodes in Lightning Blast for Spark Charges work with the Spark generated by Ele Nova? The wording in LB says, "Spark Charges applied by Lightning Blast deal more damage.

I’m new to LE so still learning these things.