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Two very small feature requests

Loving the game so far, quite possibly the best designed ARPG I’ve played. However there are two little things that would make my life much better:

  • Make it so double-clicking on a character on the character selection screen enters the game, so I don’t have to click the character and then click Enter Game.

  • Add a slider in Gameplay Settings to adjust the font size (or just size in general) of Item Labels on the ground.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been trying to quickly loot items only to repeatedly just-barely miss. Being able to make them even 20% bigger would be a massive QoL improvement for my old hands riddled with RSI from years of ARPG gaming.

In an ideal world the font size slider would be baked into the loot filter so you could adjust the size of labels on a per-rule basis, but I recognize that that would take significantly more time to implement, so I’d be totally fine with a single slider that effects all of them.


Yeah, both of these are asked about from time to time.

I wouldn’t mind seeing auto pickup for crafting materials. Combo that with the font slider and should be smooth looting. Having to tank my momentum to pick up mats is grating, even more so when you misclick and pick up the wrong stuff lol.

Edit: Also why don’t the mats just go straight to the crafting storage anyways? Seems redundant to have to manually pick them up then transfer them from my inventory. Just vacuum them up and deposit them in my forge menu please.

Thanks for pointing me to some more info on the topic :slight_smile:

Both of these suggestions would be insane useful! I Hope we see this in the future.

I think your font size slider can be generalized as opening up more customization for loot filters in general. Size, font, color of foreground and background, and maybe even highlights (skybeams), minimap icons, and drop sounds/effects.