Suggestion: Please give us QOL of auto-picking up runes (or at least a hotkey to pickup nearby runes)

There is always a point to ask again.

Just because devs are ignoring this request, doesnt mean its a good answer. The only way to change it is to keep asking.


They are not ignoring it. They have acknowledged it so many times in the past that its unlikely they dont recall it. They have been consistent in their response tho - even on discord in the last few months.

Its entirely up to the devs. No amount of shouting (or polite suggestions of the same thing) is going to make any difference at this stage - its been discussed into the ground.

They know but they are the ones to make a decision and based on past history, they dont tell us what that will be until they have made it internally.


If you ask, and the answer is no, and you stop asking, then the answer will remain no.

If you ask, and the answer is no, and you keep asking, then MAYBE the answer will change.

So I will keep asking - politely, and constructively, but asking nonetheless.

I think with the upcoming influx of players on 0.9 and 1.0 this discussion is just getting started. And I really hope so because IMO that’s weirdest design decision in the whole game…


The developers were asked about this during the recent Multiplayer Dev Q&A with Zizaran on September 14:

I wouldn’t say that’s entirely correct, as Judd does state above that “It would require substantial community feedback to a degree that we haven’t even seen yet to make us change something like that…”. So clearly there’s some level of community feedback needed before this change would be considered.


This cycle happens about once every 2ish months.

  • A debate sparks up about auto-pickup in the community.
  • We bring it up in a game design meeting as a topic and discuss if we want it or not.
  • We conclude that it’s good as is and we don’t change it.
  • We communicate back that we are happy with the system.

We do still bring it back up internally because the game does grow and evolve over time so decisions sometimes change. So, with that in mind, here is step 4. It has been discussed internally recently and we are currently happy with the system in the current version of the game. We probably won’t bring it up as an internal game design topic again pre-0.9.0.

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Out of curiosity, can you please elaborate how the design of crafting materials is different from Gold?

Gold drops abundantly, is automatically picked up, and is automatically placed into non-inventory space

Crafting shards drop abundantly, are manually picked up, and then are manually placed into non-inventory space.

The result in both cases is same. There is no player agency in deciding which shards to pick up, or how do deal with them in inventory. They are simply picked up and instantly sent to crafting storage.

I view crafting shards in the same way i view gold - something that i passively acquire while playing. Nobody is asking for general loot (armor, weapons, keys, etc) to be auto picked up. The problem is that clicking a tiny item on the screen isnt fun.

Lets be honest here - players, on average, pick up significantly less [Items] than they do [Crafting materials]. Thus clicking [items] is less common, and thus not an issue. Imagine if players had to click [gold] for it to vacuum. It would be annoying. Thats the state crafting materials are in right now.

It slows down the pace (instead of killing mobs i have to stop and vacuum some shards every screen), it is annoying (for those of us who cant precisely click tiny text boxes), and most importantly it serves no game purpose. I do not feel “fulfilled” or “Satisfied” because i clicked a shard to pick up.

Perhaps, as a bandaid, could you at least introduce a hotkey to pick up nearby crafting materials? If you are still intent on not allowing them to be auto picked up, can we at least have a keybind to pick them up? For some of us (like me) clicking tiny text boxes is both annoying and can hurt our fingers after a long playing session. If you are so intent on requiring a manual action, can we at least have an option to bind that manual action to a keyboard key?

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In part because right now MP and trading hasn’t been finalized and if they end up deciding that Shards/Runes, etc can be traded it’s most likely going to be a major overhaul of how they’re been stored currently because it will require people to be able to take them back OUT of that storage.

Pure speculation on my part, though informed from the umpteen threads over the years on this topic.

The goal of crafting materials as a monster drop is to fill the role of an item that you are generally interested in picking up as loot so you very rarely leave completely empty handed. Showing the players what that is and interacting with it gives you a chance to register specific materials that you might be hunting for and can prompt crafting sessions. It also helps teach new players what mods and affixes are available. It also directs new players to the crafting system organically as reading instructions and tutorials is a super power held only by a select few.

Auto-pickup of crafting materials completely breaks down all of this.

In response to players feeling overwhelmed with clicks with regards to crafting materials, we added a vacuum so that it picks up all the shards around one picked up shard.

In response to players feeling that they were taking up too much inventory space, we added a special inventory for them to live in.

Edit: This was hopefully to show that we are already part way down a very slippery slope and we are trying to make a careful and controlled descent.

Maybe not in this thread (yet) but that request does come in. I would be completely floored if this ever is included.

I’m really not a fan of bandaid solutions and this one has the unfortunate downside of just being auto-pickup in disguise because you just run an auto-presser and suddenly it’s auto loot for crafting materials.

It is not a dead topic and we do read the feedback on it. We will continue to discuss feedback on the matter going forward.

We are currently happy with the system in the current version of the game.


Okay. I can see the logic behind your explanations. I dont necessarily agree, but i at least understand it. Thank you for clarifying!

That said, i must double down on the request to add a keyboard hotkey to allow us to loot items with a keyboard button and not just mouse button. There’s some ARPGs that already allow this, and it is a massive QOL.

Mechanically (in terms of game design) there’s no difference between player pressing a left click of mouse versus player pressing a keyboard button. However it is more convenient, as it doesnt require you to precisely position a mouse cursor (it happens to me very often where i keep “misclicking” away from the shard tooltip, and that just frustrates me).

It also puts less stress on the fingers compared to clicking.

Having a “Loot nearby items” or “Loot nearby crafting materials” hotkey on keyboard would be less of a bandaid (my fault, i shouldnt have called it that) and more of a feature to allow people with different playstyles / hand health to still enjoy the game.

I am not exaggerating when i say my fingers do start to be a little annoyed after many shard clicks.

Or you could show the person you’re asking the basic respect of accepting the answer they give you. This “Yes through attrition” logic is manifest narcissism. If you are not willing for the answer to be “No”, don’t ask. This is how people who respect other people operate.


Its also called a discussion.

“Can i have X?”


“But X is good because Y”

“Good point”

Let’s keep it on topic.

Badgering someone with the hope that you will one day stop getting the answer you don’t like is not a discussion.

It’d be one thing if you were bringing some new argument to the table that would solicit some new response, but you’re not. Every reason for wanting it, every attempt at negotiating a “compromise”, it’s all been said. It’s all been responded to. Everything Mike said here, he’s said elsewhere.

Please consider more strictly moderating the repeated spamming of the forum with dead horse topics.

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Many thanks for the clarifications, these have been very interesting to read.
Personally I do not really mind the lack of auto-pickup on the items on the ground.
I find that the act of clicking the shards on the ground serve as a good acknowledgement that loot has been dropped, which from your post seems to be the intention.

I am thankful that there is a dedicated inventory for crafting materials.
However, I am unclear on why the crafting materials have to pass by the main inventory in the first place. Does this also serve as an hidden tutorial for the players?
I recognize that when I first started the game, I would have been a bit confused as to where the thing that I just clicked went if it went directly to the material storage.
However, now that I have familiarized myself with the game, I cannot imagine a single instance where I would not immediately press the “tranfer crafting materials” button as soon as I open the inventory.

My counter point for this currently is that we cant filter them. They are expected to be items (which I agree with) but all my shards are orange or red, if I am a strength stacking bear build strength shards are very important to me, and I want to make sure to click on them. Id like to be able to see them highlighted.

Clicking on every shard is tiring, only clicking on the shards you want/need is better and makes them more meaningful as items. We dont click/look at every item only those related to us, shards should be the same if they are meant to be like items.


This is one of the key aspects of the system for me. I put in a lot of hours and I am very often hunting for that next rare shard, rune, or glyph and will be excited to use it as soon as it drops. If they were auto pickup, then I would basically never look at what I’m picking up.

Vacuum pickup is very nice. One improvement I can think of is clicking on an item to pick it up. I’m not sure what it is, but sometimes I find it difficult to pick up items. Maybe that’s just a me problem and maybe I just need to slow down

No, i have that problem too - a lot. This is one of the main reasons i suggested this change in first place. Clicking shards is, for some reason, quite difficult for me.

Sadly this is true, I’d also add searching for existing posts/threads & googling in general to that list.

Out of curiosity, do you think this viewpoint is relevant to experienced players (who likely have strict loot filters, running empowered monos, etc) & if so, why?

Are we there yet?

TBF, Sacred 2 had this and it was awesome, though it didn’t have the depth of itemisation that LE does.

Kinda, yes. They’ve also said that shards are pseudo-items hence they go into the inventory first.

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