Two-player synergies?

My wife and I are returning to this game after a long stint in an MMO and a brief playthrough of D4. We’re really looking forward to seeing what’s new and preparing for the Feb launch.

We’re going to start over from scratch and my one question is: what are some examples of two good class/masteries that synergize really well together? Speaking in general terms, I imagine a caster build that does ranged damage and leaves some kind of major vulnerability on enemies, paired up with a melee class that uses skills that specifically work better on enemies affected by that vulnerability. That kind of thing as an example, but the archetypes can be anything really. Except minion builds, neither of us likes managing pets/minions.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any insights or suggestions. Excited about returning!

I’m not a veteran but I’ve played around a bit and looked into some builds and I think the most sinergy you could get would be with a Spoonmaster. Not only does it apply a lot of debuffs, it also has the frost wall which benefits both players.
As for the other build, I would say a bleed build pairs well with it, since it applies more debuffs and will also benefit from it. Maybe also a freeze build?

I’m sure more experienced players will have better ideas, but if I were to do a 2 player run, I would definitely try out the spoonmaster as one. Seems like a lot of fun.

EDIT: Cold DOT werebear build would probably work well with it and should be fun as well.

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Just remembered that Best Beastmaster Starting Build - Earthquake Aftershock DoT Build Guide! 0.92 from The Curse is also a DOT build, applies some debuffs and should be easy to start with, and should work well with spoonmaster.

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In general terms I think what works really wel if you are playing with two people is, that one person focuses on single target damage (for bosses and tough rares) and the other persons focuses on clearing.

This has worked very well for me in the past, when I played together with 1 other person.

I have a lot of builds that have exceptional singletarget damage, but their clearing sucks, which usually makes clearing echoes a pain.

I don’t think there are only specific archtypes where this applies, because any class/mastery can have ST or AoE.
I just think that you have more freedom to make the build you want, if you don’t have to do both.

In my example it even was somethign as easy as specing out of 1 or 2 keynodes in some skills to lower my ST and get a bit mroe AoE back, in case I did play alone with that character.


True, Bossing vs Clear are good archetypes to use.

Also, if you know one of the players will play less than the other you could use Damage dealer vs support, as long as that person doesn’t mind that role. A sort of zDPS build that will just boost the other player. Dunno if there are any builds like that, but stuff along the lines of PoE’s auradin/cursedin, basically a build that just applies buffs and debuffs and does little damage.

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I would say that there are a lot of build opportunities for support-ish orientated playstyles in LE, but usually most of them will still deal some decent amount of damage. Even those support builds will most often use some spammable skill to deal decent amounts of damage, while applying debuff to enemies.

I could see more of these builds in the future, once we get a few more uniques that are focused on support playstyle.


It depends what Synergy you want. Item Synergy for example is playing the same class but different skills. Like Nekromancer and a Lich. both drop the same gear and have a good time changeing the right affixes back and forth.
Class synergies are bit different. A Spriggan form healing totem Druid + any melee is working pretty well because the healing totems make every melee unkillable if spammed.

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Some good ideas here. I like the boss/clear approach, that makes a lot of sense and gives both of us the freedom to focus and do less compromising on our individual builds. We never play alone, both of us always only play if the other is around, so we can rely on having each other around to cover all the bases.

On the issue of “any build can carry you through the game”, some people said that about PoE, too, but in that game we learned the hard way that there were really only a few builds we could count on to take us to uber kills, delving 500+, etc., too many builds fell apart around T14 or so. Is it really true here? I’m pretty sure that we are going to take the advice of going ST/AOE as suggested in search of class synergies, but I’d like to know that whatever we build will carry us to the very endgame and beyond.

With all that in mind, any particular advice, or are we ready to just jump in? We’re planning on logging in this afternoon to get started. Many thanks to all of you for your great responses. One of the many things that brought us back to this particular game was our recollection of what a strong community lives here!

Close to 200 hours and I’ve been testing some builds. My experience is that any build that’s more focused on AoE will do fine in monoliths, but not every build will do so well for bosses, especially dungeon bosses.
The main issue is how easy it is to gear it until it becomes effective. I’ve found that many builds promise 500+ (or however much) corruption and 10s Julra, but with these you usually need very good gear, greatly rolled exalts and good 2LP+ rolls.

It’s easier to find an effective build that’s easier to gear for monos. Some builds are easy to gear and become effective like the DOT Earthquake build I mentioned. You can even level with it.

Honestly, I’d probably start with a leveling build or a build that tells you that you can specifically level with it as you go. Once you reach 60ish+ and have a few pieces of gear, then respec to a more “final” choice. Campaign and early monos are pretty easy with those builds and will give you some gear to work with. Maybe you’ll even have some nice drops that will make you lean towards something specific.


Noone can tell you this because the balancing of the game is still all over the place. What is a good build today can be a trash build tomorrow.

I don’t think there are any real single target skills ingame to begin with. On top of it all don’t forget the artifical damage reduction bosses have right now. The worst thing to play versus bosses is a bursty bid dmg kind of toon when it comes to my taste because the big numbers get tiny.

Just jump in even if you build complete trash and realise at level 75 your build isn’t working you can change it with ease. Just pick the masteries that sound fun because you can’t change those. Every mastery has at least one build to push into the endgame. On top of it LE isn’t rocketscience and far easier to approach then the artificaly bloated mess PoE is.

NP keep it coming ^^

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Sort of.
The big difference with PoE is that LE doesn’t really have “uber” bosses, big challenges at the end (except in dungeons, but even them rely more of learning some very specific mechanics than on a build). You get to empowered monos, then you slowly increase their “corruption” (=difficulty) as much as you can/want, there is no limit. It is basically the same bosses, but stronger.

So, to answer your question: yes, anything you build will take you to empowered monos. Later on, some builds will have an easier time pushing the difficulty than others.

Therefore my advice would be, build anything you want, try different skills. Once you are in empowered, when you feel you have reached the limits of your build, start looking for guides and pick some improvement ideas from more experienced players.
Respeccing is easy and extremely cheap.


Could you elaborate on this? Is this some sort of beta-only adjustment that is expected to go away at release, or am I misunderstanding the comment?

Currently bosses have something called “adaptive damage reduction”, this was implemented waaaaaaaay back in one of the first patches after the MoF overhaul.

This gives bosses damage reduction based on how much damage they have taken recently.

The goal is and was to prevent cheesing the bosses to much and make their mechanics relevant, because you can’t delete them within seconds.

EHG still stands by this philosophy, but they did acknowledged that this is not the optimal way to handle this issue.
Until they find a better solution this will stay. But they are actively trying to find solutions without compromising the goal of making bosses relevant, regardless of how much damage you do.


What @Heavy said :slight_smile: .

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Ahh, so not only are bosses and their mechanics relevant, but boss fights become an endurance test requiring sustainability. Interesting. It might not be an optimal solution, but I very much like the fact that they thought this issue through to the point of coming up with a solution. I’m impressed.

So rather than thinking about this in terms of ST vs. AoE, it might be better to just organically grow our two characters so that both are able to generate enough damage to handle both clearing and bosses.

When they said in LE, they didn’t mean into high corruption, but any build can get you into monos.

And yet the boss kill time will still be faster than a lower average dps build that’s not bursty.

Kinda, boss fights are primarily mechanical challenges that you’ll do fine with as long as you can do the mechanics.

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Ok, I’m not sure about the terminology here, but if I understand “corruption” correctly, it’s kind of a difficulty level that results in modifiers to loot, mob characteristics, etc.? If that’s the case, I want to reach the pinnacle, so I do want a build that will carry me into high corruption mono’s. Does that change anyone’s answers to my original post?

Corruption has no cap.
And it also ahs a weird scaling atm, because it does affect less than individual enemy echo midifiers. But the devs already stated that they want to address that at some point (hopefully for 1.0)

Practically and realistically 300-1000 corruption is what I would deem a range that is high endgame and achieveable withotu doing the absolute meta slave.

But 100-300 can be done with basically any build anyway.

What is “pinnacle” or “high mono’s” is very subjective still.

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Monolith corruption is basically just a sort of reset to the monolith and restart with higher difficulty.

It shouldn’t change the base answers you get, neither regarding the archetypes nor regarding that you should just use your own build, or a leveling build and once you get to 75ish you can then respec into something else.

Basically, all classes will have a build that can do reasonably high monos, so you just have to pick the classes you think are fun to play with.

Wait… a low dps builds needs longer to kill something? The more you know :smiley: .

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