Best Beastmaster Starting Build - Earthquake Aftershock DoT Build Guide! 0.92

I haven’t made an addition to the Primalist forum yet so I thought I’d share my Beastmaster Earthquake Aftershock DoT Build guide here! This build reaches insane dmg with minimal investment. And with iterative item upgrades, you can get to 700-1000 corruption fairly easily. You can see me destroying corruption 716 Lagon in his first phase in the video.

Here are the two build planners for it, one is level ~85:

The other one is endgame aspirational:

The greatest weaknesses of the build are:

  1. You are melee so you have to be up close and end up taking in a lot of random hits/dmg.
  2. The other weakness is keeping totems alive. I’m even contemplating adding a % minion health affix somewhere to help frenzy totem stay alive.
  3. The Earthquake and Aftershock animations and sound effects are kinda lame. But I’m sure EHG are going to fix that eventually. <3 EHG

Other than that, the build is S+ tier ez! Here’s the build guide:


I saw your build earlier today and I wanted to try it. Do you have a loot filter for the base build (not the aspirational one)? It would help gearing up since LETools loot filter is kinda sketchy.

Also, in your opinion, when is the earliest you could switch to it? I like to start using the builds as soon as possible and see them grow.

Small typo here.
Very nice guide, I’ll definitely try it

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Man, I love your builds. Some great additions just outside of the box.

A highlight is your provided Endgame Aspirational gear. I like having both because the cool thing about the Aspirational variation is you can get a real clear view of the things that make the build tick and just how friggin deep LEs gear grind can be.

I actually have two 2 LP Cleaver’s in storage. Yesterday I was working on an Apogee build. I had two 2 LP Apogee’s as well. All I really needed was a t6/t7 Minion spell on it. Had two great exalteds lined up just for it.

Didn’t land either one.

It just makes you realize a) how much RNG there is, b) not necessarily a ‘terrible’ thing though maybe a bit too much and c) even if they tweak it the hunt for the right stuff is still long and deep.

I have a question about the gear. What’s the point of using the twisted heart? As far as I can tell, our skills are neither necrotic nor elemental.


same question.
great guide & build :slight_smile:

envy of you, I did not target farm this item but I have generally farmed a lot lately and I dont have a single one Cleaver in inventory, not even a 0LP one . Never dropped to me.


From what I can tell it might be to offset the leech and health gain from the Swipe tree, so you’re staying at low health and building more ward as you convert it?

RNG is cantankerous. For the life of me I have TERRIBLE times converting uniques to legendaries. Very, very rarely do I land the 2 or 3 BiS exalted affixes I want. If it’s a three, I’ll get the one least desired and the other two in reverse order. If it’s a 2 I’ll get the two least desired. If it’s a one, don’t even get me started.

On the other hand, beofre the nerf, I was sitting on 7. yes. Se7en!!! Bastions of Honor. :crazy_face: WTF? I’d been saving them for factions and then NERFHAMMER. LOLFOF.

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What do you mean? The relic gives health to ward on necrotic and elemental skill cast, +1 to necro and elemental skills. Other than that, it just has increased increased health implicit, +str and cast speed as affixes. If the 4 affixes relating to necro/elem do nothing because none of our skills are necro/elem, isn’t an exalted relic better?

Unless I’m missing something that makes one of the skills necro/elem? Though I can’t see what it would be.

Oh right, i forgot this part was also elemental/necro based. not just the +1 skill. It’s also not skills it’s only spells that change the health to ward.

then I got no idea why. maybe it’s jsut for the %health base and the Strength? I don’t know Primalist that well so no idea if there’s a good base that would compensate better for that?

Finally got around to watching the entire video. And yeah, you’re only after the Heart for the %health and the Strength. Strength stacking in this is MASSIVE.


Sorry bro tbh I’m really bad at making loot filters :smiley:

you can def start playing this build from very early on. You’ll just have to rely heavily on swipe for the first 30-40 levels and then unlock Earthquake around level 35. You’ll still need to get 10-15 levels in EQ before it starts shining. And the early you switch to low life and the berserker passive, the better. That’s double damage and 25% damage reduction so it’s huge for the build. Exsanguinous has level req of 23 so you can switch to low life very early on and reap the benefits.


haha I’ve also missed the T7 on two LP2 cleavers now as well! It’s absolutely brutal, these cleavers are cursed

I do hope that EHG introduce a very rare consumable drop that lets you reset the LP in a legendary item. So if you miss a 3LP godly item (like let’s say a 3LP Twisted Heart), you can reset it and try again with such a consumable.

The Twisted Heart is solely for the +str and +% health. +16 str is T7 str and +20%hp is T7 %hp. So it gives you T7 str T7 %hp by default, if rolled well. Then you can add another T7 str into it if it has 1-2LP. It’s one of two legendaries that can give you 30+ str in the relic slot and it comes with 20% hp, it’s BIS for this build even though we don’t utilize any of the other bonuses. The only downside is that using it like this will inevitably get it nerfed lol


Saved for 1.0, please don’t nerf :smiling_face_with_tear:

I agree. I think this could be good. I think it should work like a Rune of Creation though in that you can only do it to a particular Unique once but it would definitely help mitigate some of the numerous layers of RNG.

Maybe as a reward for killing a Pinnacle boss

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Here is a Crit 3xEarthquake alternative to the build for those that like big yellow numbers. I got a 23mil crit on the dummy with this one :smiley: