Twitch Drops - What you need to know for Launch!

Hello Last Epoch community!

As we get closer to the upcoming 1.0 launch of Last Epoch on February 21st, it’s time to drop the details on what you can expect for Twitch Drops during the weeks after launch.

First off: Head on over to and make sure your accounts are correctly linked.

Starting on February 22nd (Thursday), you can head on over to the Last Epoch category on Twitch and look for users who have drops enabled. Then, watch for at least 1 hour each day on any drops enabled stream to be rewarded that days drop!

Four total cosmetic items can be earned, and each day will be different. The following week, starting on February 29th, each item will be available one last time in case you missed it the first go-round. You will not be able to earn two of each.

Week 1 - February 22nd - 25th

  • Day 1 (Thur the 22nd) - Mantle of the Prophesier cosmetic back slot item.
  • Day 2 (Fri the 23rd) - Green Dire-Guana pet cosmetic item.
  • Day 3 (Sat the 24th) - Merchant’s Mantle cosmetic back slot item.
  • Day 4 (Sun the 25th) - Blue Seer’s Orb pet cosmetic item.

Week 2 - February 29th - March 3rd

  • Day 1 (Thur the 29th) - Mantle of the Prophesier cosmetic back slot item.
  • Day 2 (Fri the 1st) - Green Dire-Guana pet cosmetic item.
  • Day 3 (Sat the 2nd) - Merchant’s Mantle cosmetic back slot item.
  • Day 4 (Sun the 3rd) - Blue Seer’s Orb pet cosmetic item.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements as we look forward to Last Epoch’s amazing 1.0 Launch, starting Wednesday, February 21st, 2024!


Looking forward to free mtx! :smile:


LOL. You’ve had enough. Save some for the rest of us. :wink:





I get a 502 error on the Twitch drops URL.

Yeah I did too at first but after going back it finally let me in.

Try refreshing.

I just noticed the link on this page is different than the one on Steam, which is the one giving the error.

The link above worked for me, though.

EDIT: looks like the link on Steam has been fixed.

Good News lets go To the Moon Last Epoch … Good luck team devlop :blush:

Woo! can’t wait for launch and looking forward to see these Twitch drop MTX!

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Great thing for the future. Having some drops every “cycle” launch will be amazing for the game in the long run.

Looking forward to some cool stuff!

I’ve linked my steam and twitch accounts, but get this error “There was an error trying to link your account. Please try again later.” It is in a red box above the green box with the Confirm connection text. Is something going on and I just need to wait it out?

I’m getting the same error, and I’m wondering if its because my twitch and steam accounts are already linked?

EDIT: I just went and checked my twitch, and LE is listed a link, even though I was getting that error

Same, this is the URL:


edit: mine also shows connected in the Twitch connections panel, hopefully it werks

Thank you. For anyone else wondering, I found it under Settings (gear wheel) and then connections tab. I don’t think I’ve ever had to look there.

Twitch drops are already an annoying outdated thing, but what’s with the weird schedule too?

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Whats weird with that schedule?

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hi i got the same error

It’s better to just have a start date, go 1 - 4 hours combined to earn them all that goes for a week or two. Now people will be forced to watch the cam site for 4 days just to get these.

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No one is forcing u to do anything.

U have full control over whether u watch or not. Its all up to u

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