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TriKster's Cold Marksman (Reign of Winter+Troaka's Teeth) (0.8.1b)

This build focuses around the new added uniques in 0.8.1:
Reign of Winter
Troaka’s Teeth

The concept behind this build is to apply as much Frostbite to reduce freeze avoidance on enemies with Puncture while doing massive DoT dmg with Hail of Arrows. The goal is to freeze enemies as often as we can. So we stack freeze rate multiplier on HoA that has a chance to freeze enemies with each tick while constantly attacking with Puncture (scaling bleed and poison chance on Puncture tree).

PLEASE BE AWARE: This build was made for Monolith content. I can’t tell you how high it can push Arena. I’m usually not playing meta builds and always like to try out new builds to share with you. This might also not be the best dmg version, there is always room for improvement. So feel free to share your ideas to improve this build. Thanks!

Gameplay Video

Short Monolith Gameplay


This build requires some good timing and skill to provide the best dmg output on Hail of Arrows. Make sure to always cast a long duration HoA once you picked up a black arrow from Dark Quiver and after using Shift. You constanly attack with Puncture for the Frostbite debuff and also to generate Mana back. HoA has a huge Mana cost. Use Decoy to position the enemies around it and make the best use out of HoA’s AoE and Puncture. Kite around the HoA circle to bring all the enemies into this area. High Movement speed helps alot for defensive and offensive playstyle.


Level with Bow Puncture and already focus on getting as much Bleed and Poison Chance in the skilltree. Puncture alone should easily bring you through the story. It is one of the best Leveling dmg skills in early game. Only start using the quiver once you have a decent Bow (i recommend a Longbow with high flat dmg and add as much flat dmg as prefixes as you can). You can also use the Multishot Bow for high dmg and reduced mana cost if you already found it. Once you have a good Bow you can convert HoA to cold and use the quiver for cold conversion on Puncture. At level 70 you can start using the new cold Bow from Heorot.

Defensive Strategy

While leveling i fully concentrated on resistances as suffix stats. Some dodge chance comes from the Rogue passive trees. Once you finish the story make sure to reach 100% Crit avoidance as soon as possible (Heightened Senses Marksman passive & 2x T5 Crit Avoidance rolls on gear should help you out). After completing the first Monolith Timeline you can easily switch to Woven Flesh to get 100%. After completing some more Timelines try to get Resistances and the Crit Avoidance Blessing from Reign of Dragons Timeline. This will make you help to focus more on dodge now for your suffix slots. From ‘Dodge and Parry’ & ‘Cloak of Shadows’ we get 31% base Glancing Blow chance that we can stack with Dusk Shrouds from Black Arrows (Dark Quiver) as our secondary defensive stat.
I’m not a big fan of the new Endurance mechanic and i think just from a class identity standpoint it doesn’t fit to Rogue, even though it’s a powerful mechanic. That’s why i mainly focus on Dodge, Glancing Blow & Resistances as my defensive mechanics.


22.02.2021 uploaded 0.8.1b version

Gear Planner / Skills / Passives

I share both Dammitt’s Last Epoch Planner for Skills and Passives and Tunk’s Gear Planner for the recommended gear.
Tunklab Gear Planner (Gear)
Last Epoch Planner (Press S for Skilltree and P for Passive Tree)

  • 550% Bleed & Poison chance converted to Frostbite chance

  • Perma Frenzy Buff

  • Efficacious Toxin to boost HoA dmg

  • No points into ‘Timing’ because the attack speed is already low

Hail of Arrows
  • ‘Nowhere to Hide’ & ‘The Hunt’ is our big dmg mechanic

  • Cold conversion & Freeze Rate Multiplier

  • ‘Focus’ & ‘Pristine Fletcher’ for additional dmg multiplier

  • If you want more AoE just put some points from ‘Pristine Fletcher’ into ‘Focus’ or ‘Volley’, but you will lose dmg

  • Mana, Movement Speed & Invulnerability while Shifting

  • Put the rest of the points into boosting our HoA dmg

  • You need good timing together with Black Arrows from Dark Quiver to boost HoA dmg

Dark Quiver
  • 5 stacks of Dusk Shroud for additional Dodge & Glancing Blow chance

  • Additional Freeze Rate Multiplier

  • Archer’s Focus, Heavy Arrows & Nature’s Focus are our HoA dmg multipliers

  • Needs good timing together with Shift

  • Mana Efficiency, Frailty & Haste Duration

  • Additional Charge & Longer Duration

  • Use it to taunt enemies in a risky situation or to bring all the enemies together for HoA dmg


We use 4x Ornate Idols with ‘‘Increased Bow Elemental Damage’’ to buff both Puncture and HoA damage as Prefix.
Suffix can be either ‘‘Chance to Slow on Bow Hit’’, ‘‘Dodge Rating if Hit Recently’’ or ‘‘Poison Resistance’’
Choose whatever you need and prefer for Suffix.

Special Thanks to @Tunk for some tips on scaling HoA dmg.
If you guys have any questions or suggestions on how to make the build better please feel free to answer or let me know.
Thanks for reading. Enjoy!


Thanks for this one! So the bow only drops in MOF?

Yup, from Heorot (Age of Winter).

Ah damn all the builds getting posted are based on the new items most of which drop in MOF. I hope the creators realize they are leaving people like me out of it for now. We have not progressed that far in the echo system and you can’t just do it in a heartbeat.

Wonders when TriKster will update his build with the updated build planner.

You can easily play this build without the cold bow until you get it. You could use the Multishot unique bow (Drelkors compass). It has high flat dmg and reduced bow mana cost. You can also simply craft a long bow with t5 bow phys and bow fire dmg. We dont need crit. High attackspeed would be helpful for puncture to apply the frostbite debuff faster, but high flat dmg scales so insane with HoA

Will update it later after work. I will copy all the gear from tunklab into build planner. I also did a small mistake on HoA tree. We have to use the 50% increased duration node from HoA. This helps ALOT for boss dmg and makes it easier to shoot constantly with puncture.

Or just get the build planner to suck the data up from your save file.

ah thanks good to know although I don’t have the other bow either yet Will give this a try later today. My complaint is a little more general and I hope you guys that create builds (love you all btw) will include info like that when you post. IE: BM21’s earthquake druid absolutely requires the new item to function properly.

I was thinking about that, and it’s better to have more “more” modifiers that sum up to the same total (ie, 2x 50% more modifiers will give you more damage than 1x 100% more modifier). So moving 2 points from Focus to Pristine Fletcher would give you more damage at the cost of -12% radius. The skill tree you put up would give a 2.8 damage multiplier (100% more from Nowhere to Hide, 40% from Focus), whereas if you move the 2 points, you’d get a 3.224 damage multiplier (100% more from Nowhere to Hide, 24% from Focus & 30% from Pristine Fletcher).

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@Evok I mentioned it in the ‘Leveling’ section but it was a little bit hidden, yes. Thanks for the feedback!

@Llama8 Yep, good point. I was a little bit afraid of losing too much AoE but it’s still fine to play and the dmg boost is noticable.

The AoE’s still good & you get 15% “more” damage compared to not…

Hey @TriKster !
So the Quiver doesn’t only convert all poison and bleed from puncture tree into frostbite, but every source of it when you attack with puncture. I wasn’t aware of it until I tried recently!

It’s a really fun build so far. Like the frost theme!

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Gunna have to give this a try for sure

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