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"cold-theme" for the class

I hope that they will introduce an ice arrow like in POE

I was thinking about tinkering with a cold Bladedancer with

Even thought about doubling up on the sword.
Combine the slowing effect from cold with a high dodge and decent health regen could make the build quite tanky.

Like the Frostfang node for Detonating Arrow?

I would like to see an ice shot as a separate skill with its own nodes for development, as it is for with a cinder strike


The Rogue does need a few more skills (3 more for the base class & 2 each for the masteries), I’m not sure that they would add a specific cold skill given that’s not an element they see the Rogue focussing around.

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There is no cold based melee attack in rouge.

The strongest cold buff you can get is “cinder strike” -> oil coating (max attack speed for highest stack possible) -> fire into elemental damage node.

I would add items to this item:

Mai hand the sceptre, off hand your set.

You have now (24 meele cold DMG (MCD) screpte plus 40 MCD sword, plus 53 m physic damage.

Your cinder strike adds 20-40 fire DMG on hit.
The mounting frost shoes add ~70 meele/spell cold DMG for +70% more damage taken)

As Summe, you have now (134 cold, 20 fire, 53 physic + skill tree) base damage.

You do not have attack speed on weapon, so you will sit at 150% attack speed, which roughly translate in 10-15 oil coating stacks, which are 250-325% elemental damage, 500-750 dogde rating.

I would also change the relic to:

The setbonus from your sword+relic is useless, and your relic is to specific, +70% melee cold DMG, +80% freeze multiplier…

My relic adds more in boss fight and heavy rare hitpoints enemy.

100% cast water orb per hit with 3 sec cool down means on bosafight, 12 waterorbs around you.
You get 3 when int = attunment , and you should be on 0 int and art as rouge.

12 orbs = 12*30% cold damage (melee and spell) = 360% damage

And 360% lightning damage.

Now check “lethal mirrage” , were you can skill 32 mpd and 20 m lightning DMG), a attack which profits from your 300% elemental damage, and 360% lightning/cold damage.
Do not forget your base melee cold damage from weapon and boots.

Last think, the cold spell damage from spectre.

You have 15% chance for casting “tundre nova”, with 150% attack speed,and normal 1 base attack per second, you will end casting the nova 1 per second.

You also cast every 3 sec water orb, 3 piercing projectile who do cold damage.

Both spell get now:
+16 cold spell damage (csd) + 14 + 50 (spectre)

  • 70 boots
    = 150 cold spell damage, that’s a base number on the same level like mage get on there spells…

This spells now profit from your rouge +% (oil coating, movement speed->gear)

You also can add now this 2 items:

+12 cold spell/melee


+30 melee cold damage

In my opion should this rouge with cinder strike as carry attack work.

You have melee basic 176 cold, 77 physical

  • Cinder strike: 20 - 40 up to 32 - 76 fire damage
  • Lethal mirage +24 physical, +20 lightning

You have 162 cold spell damage.

Your normal roation will have cinder strike + 2 spell to cast, and 1 burst attack lethal mirrage.

So you have 3 skill free, 1 movement, 1 defence, 1 utility.

In my opion blind:

Cinder strike has node, which changes blind-> critical vulnerability.

Blade dancer + marksman and cinder strike should be able to get ~175% critical vulnerability.

Which translate at 3 attacks per second 3.5 stacks.
1 stack gives 5% crit chance, and -10% crit dogde on enemy

So even without sword+dagger crit build, you should be able as spectre+sword to get high crit chance per attack.

My thought about item for melee cold rouge.

Bow rouge is different, you have with detonating arrow one cold attack, but no extra base DMG in skill, so it underwhelms at the moment to a cinder strike bow elemental build.

“Osprix bow” is here bow to pick (+90% elemental damage) +26 fire base, +30 physical base.

As quiver “farwood” +8 cold base.

Ok, so to be clear since this whole topic was slightly blown out of proportion, lets keep in mind, “read the title and stick to the details.” As the title says, “Cold Theme”. That means it does not just about Dexterity and Rogues. Thats 1 class itself which is understandable. However, having a pure elemental class period. Like for a witch. Then you can say yes, they also should add elemental attacks and elements to other things. But I believe the first couple of posts were ment that, we would like to see something like a witch being able to cast all of the elements that makes up his/her class. Not to mention, being class and gender locked… meet us half way devs.

And for the record im talking skills… pure skills. Not some random weapon that just has cold added on too it. LOL or lightning.

[quote=“StinkyBunny, post:20, topic:27551, full:true”]
However, having a pure elemental class period.

I’m probably not understanding you, but that’s the Mage that we already have.

I don’t think that every class needs to address every element. That would take away from the overall flavor of each class. There are already two classes that can spec very heavily into cold damage (spellblade and shaman/bm), I personally think that if it becomes too diluted across all classes, then they will lose some of their individual identity.

Seems like a cold themed unique Bow and Quiver were both added with the latest patch with Puncture getting some focus on the Quiver. Bit confusing to be seeing as I can’t actually convert Puncture to cold damage and I’m not sure if the Bleed/Poison Chance Conversion to Frostbite applies in terms of Damage as well. If not then I’m not sure what the point would be other than slowing enemies but I could be missing something!

The quiver does convert Puncture to cold but I’m also not entirely sure it the damage is particularly good even with a decent bleed/poison chance.

I think @RawSuicide was going to look at it as well.

Ah okay that wasn’t very clear from the Tooltip which only says:
“100% of Bleed and Poison Chance converted to Frostbite Chance with Puncture
+60 Freeze Rate with Puncture”

But that’s cool! I should have looked at the ability on the skillbar itself lol. I’m going to try to test it later today if I get a chance too but I’d love to hear @RawSuicide or anyone else’s thoughts on it!

It also gives the skill animation a cold-effect.

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You mean this RawSuicide aka TriKster guy? And i thought the supporter pack makes it easy for you to tell us apart.
@Yani So i tested both uniques on my marksman. From my testing and feedback i can give you is that puncture loses dmg once you convert it with the quiver. There is almost nothing for rogue to scale frostbite dmg. So i tried out to use Puncture as a utility skill to apply as much frostbite (with the high amount of poison/bleed chance within puncture tree) as i can to reduce freeze avoidance on enemies while applying heavy dots from Hail of Arrows (cold) that also has a chance to freeze the enemy with each tick. So far it works pretty good. I also talked with Tunk because he has a crazy HoA marksman on rank1 arena i guess asking about scaling hoa dmg. The whole philosophy behind my build is to freeze enemies as much as i can with a decent amount of dmg. So you basically constantly attack with puncture for frostbite scaling while doing dmg with HoA at the same time. Playing with detonating arrow is weird because you always have to alternate between both skills so Puncture/HoA is more fun.

Yeah, I always get you guys confused.

That was basically the build I came to, good to know I wasn’t going nuts.

Awesome thanks for letting me know! I found it so weird that the uniques were Cold specific without any Cold/Frostbite scaling on the Rogue lol. I’ll try giving Puncture/HoA a go cheers!

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Yw, Yes there is almost no cold support except flat elemental dmg on rogue tree.

Made that guide today, feel free to ask anything there or to give feedback. Im always interested in new ideas.

Been super busy but managed to have a very quick look! Seems cool! :smiley: I’ll try give it a go myself over the next couple of days if possible.

Thank you for helping out and linking my new guide! :flushed:


To be fair, I was also talking about making a cold themed Markswoman with that quiver. So @Llama8 was right with his guess. But I just didn’t test it yet due to lack of time.

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