Tried it for the first time... connections and stability are a mess

Hey there,

longtime ARPG, PoE, Diablo etc. gamer. Since the disaster of D4 and PoE really coming to an end for myself, i followed the suggestion of a lot of youtubers i trust (hey zaz!) and bought and installed Last Epoch.

Been playing for 2 days and i have to say the connection and stability issues are very concerning. Playing on Europe West with a constant ping in the low 30s to 20s. I keep getting disconnects, rubber banding and lagging out. Monster corpses are getting stuck in death animations or are shown as still alive, while obv being dead.

Dont get me wrong, theres a lot of great things beyond that, but these very basics keep me concerned for the release thats around the corner. I hope these issues are getting adressed before the release.

Not to sound too critical here, or is this just an unlucky issues i have? On a 500mbit connection in germany/austria area, every other game or service runs just fine.


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Hey! I haven’t experienced any connection nor stability issue in the past few days of playthrough, mind you I’m from south america connecting to the US region (60-70ping).

It seems to be very common for German players specifically to have issues. I have heard using a VPN can fix it.

It should be noted that most server stability and performance issues should be fixed by 1.0. At least the devs are working towards that objective.

Im East coast US with 14ms ping, and game is almost unplayable, everytime i try to do anything the desync prevents it. only way to continue is restarting the game. the it just happens over and over

Austria Vienna 300mbit Here (Magenta).
Not a single connection or stability issue yet.
Sorry for you :frowning:

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40ms ping here on Asia East server. Most of the time stable, just little rubberbanding sometimes.

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EU west is not stable? Are you sure? Its perfect for everyone else? (Insert sarcastic face here)

Look at the Ping.

I always play in EU West and rarely have any ping issues. Not that ping is a good metric anyway. Most of the time, high ping is not an issue with the server but somewhere along the route. And you can have low pings and still bad connections with rubberbanding, etc.

Also on East Coast US. My pings are generally 25-40. Only time I really ever have server issues during play are with zoomzoom characters (like Rogues with Shift on low cd). And even that is still fairly rare.

Most of my server issues come loading and unloading in areas. I get some hang/disconnects that way. Other that I don’t really notice server issues much.

(I do still occasionally see another player in the shared zones float across the screen, like that got places to be but can’t be bothered to move their feet while they walk. :crazy_face:

I am aware of how routetracing works, EU West servers have been bad for months, you do get the odd days where its fine, but generally they are garbage.
Someone who lives in the west, UK, shouldn’t have to connect to US East for a decent experience.

I wonder if they could have a server in London if they already haven’t? And if they have sort out the one’s they do have.

Running on Magenta too from Vienna and I have 20-30% packet loss.
No problems on US East/West.

I dunno, it looks ok to me. :rofl:

After leaving the town instance it went down to 10ms (allegedly). The End of Time zone had bizarrely bad ping but it was fine in a mono. Going back to the End of Time gave me 20-50ms.

like 100 latency euw, desync, lost progress :smiley:

I dont have any issues in Poland, and i live 30 km from German border. I also asked people in our community and no one is reporting any similar problems.

I see the same on US East server(s). I also have annoying rubber banding.

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Personally, I don’t usually have rubberbanding in the EU West server, but I haven’t played in a month or so. So I missed the server stress load tests. But I’ve always had issues occasionally taking a long time loading and unloading zones as well.

I started a couple weeks ago and didn’t really notice much rubber banding. After this latest patch, every time I use rampage (druid movement skill) I rubber band like crazy. US East. Hope it gets fixed soon. It is extremely annoying.

Ping alone isn’t much of an indicator. I play on EU West as well, and rubberbanding still happens rather often, though not constantly. It comes and goes and when it appears it’s very disruptive. It’s especially noticeable when using skills such as teleport. I don’t think my line is the issue.

P.s. someone mentioned German players having issues on EUW, I’m not German though.

im from germany playing on the same server as you with a 100mbit connection (telekom) no issues so far have played over 100 hrs so far got kicked out couple of times cause i was idle (bathroom break) but thats it. no stutters no rollbacks no issues whatsoever