Transmogrification, MTX Cosmetics, and Offline Mode

Here’s the quote from Judd, but it was something being pitched that may happen rather than will happen. That said, we’ll just have to wait and see what actually happens in the future concerning possible content differences in the offline mode.

Until someone kill the boss? really? i mean there’s always some crazy dude to do this really fast
Anyway it’s not an issue so

Also your talking about leaderboard offline? so we will not get a true offline ?

What that means is that, when a new pinnacle boss gets introduced YOU have to defeat it online before it being unlocked in offline for you.

There will be no leaderboards offline. It will be a truly offline experience without any online functionality, as stated in this announcement and reiterated by Kain, community manager at EHG, below.

Ok good! so there’s only the cosmetic issue
But honestly if i can just hide my helmet or any transmog i’ll be happy

What? it can’t be true, nobody will do this, right? i mean, if we play offline its not to create a character online and farm with him

I don’t know if that’s how it will be or not, but that seems to be what was said. Although it clearly contradicts the other post that @AndrewTilley linked.

Even if it just requires SOMEONE to kill the pinnacle boss, it would still require some online connection to know if you can fight that boss or not. So it would still contradict the other post.

Anyway we’ll see
i hope everything we’ll be ok for 1.0

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You clearly didn’t bother reading what I said. I specifically stated that I found that entire notion ridiculous and bordering on paranoia. Apparently, however, there are a lot of people on these forums (including devs) who fully believe that people playing in offline mode want to do so solely to be able to freely mod the game which, to reiterate once again, is ridiculous.

I also fully believe that the vast majority of people who want to play offline do so because they don’t want to deal with server lag and/or have no desire to play the game with others. Personally, I’ve always preferred to play A-RPGs solo.

TL;DR: We are actually in agreement.

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