The ABSOLUTE UNFAIRNESS of locking offline players out of cosmetics

I will look around, you are one of the more reliable people here so if you say it, I have no reason to doubt it.


Cool, 'cause i can’t be arsed… :wink:

I don’t think players not buying something that wasn’t available to them, in the first place, is going to get the point across. My refusing to buy dinner for Scarlett Johansson isn’t going to get the point across that she should start dating me.


I’m with you on that one.

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Patch 0.9 will not include the MVP of the MTX store, however some functionality support for it will be set up, including the online cosmetics panel. As the appearance tab is only available for online players, legacy cosmetics will not be available for offline characters. You will still be able to equip legacy cosmetics for online characters.

This is from 0.9 patch notes

With the addition of online multiplayer, our plan for offline mode is to create a truly offline mode. This means that until you click the “Play Online” button, no data is sent across the internet. No account login, no account check, nothing. Fully offline. This means offline (which will become fully offline) cannot support connective features such as chat, leaderboards, or the cosmetic shop.


I am with you on this 100% OP

Bought 100$ supporter pack and wanted to regularly buy cosmetics, but since I only play offline feels like I wasted 65$ since I could have just bought the game at 35. One possible solution is that mtx be account-wide and treated almost like an update or hotfix when purchased (am not in software dev so dont know if this is feasible at all, dont jugde)

Even offline players will receive updates, patches and hotfixes so why lock us out of a chance to support the devs and make our build look nice.

Devs, I implore you to look into this and not just ignore it.

PS and no - I will not “just play online” as some on this forum will likely say


I don’t think they are ignoring the problem. Fact is just above your message there is one from the dev.

With all due respect that sounds like an excuse. There is no such thing as “True offline”. If it were so, the game would never get patches or content updates. Ever. This feels like a decision taken with monetary interests rather than technical considerations.

When the game was launched, you promised offline mode. As a result two types of people supported the game. Online players and offline players. There was no mention of no cosmetics for offline. Are you saying its really okay to retroactively remove the cosmetics people purchased and already had on their account with no recourse?

For integrity’s sake you would leave the old cosmetics where they were (accessible offline) and then say future ones will be available only online. Or you would offer a onetime offline purchase so end users can spend the cosmetic points they acquired with early supporter packs, then you close up shop and go online only. You would not retroactively smash and grab and take away what people paid for with just a “you are offline, deal with it” sentiment. Thats wrong and its theft. Its plain theft. Thats taking the kids lunch money and shoving him aside and telling him to go cry to his mommy. That is wrong. It is wrong whichever way you want to see it. That’s not cool EHG. That is really not cool.


Why not? Genuinely curious.

@EHG_Kain if the supporter packs are going to be handled by steam, why couldn’t mtx also be handled by steam like dlc?


We actually looked into this, both as DLC, and as Steam Inventory Items. There was a few reasons. The first was doing it as DLC, Every individual store item would need to be an individual DLC. You can’t ever remove them, or they stop working (and some other issues that arise in removing them), which means if you can imagine many years down the road, that’s going to be an extremely long list of DLC’s. The next issue we found was that in-game currency can’t be used to purchase DLC’s on Steam, which means all the currency coins we previously issued couldn’t be used, which we won’t do. With Steam Inventory, it had the same issues as being offline, in that they require an internet connection regardless to verify, so wouldn’t get any closer to working for a true offline mode.


I don’t know if I understand correctly but I’d be fine if I had the option to either connect to the internet to verify my cosmetics or to play without them if I can’t.

Your argument brings abolutely nothing to the table.
„play something else” or „dont buy them” are literally the cancer or argumentation. Your input is zero, yet you pretend as if presenting a coherent argument.
Friendo, if OP made a post about the cosmetics, then maybe they do matter. So arguing they dont is just idiotic.

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If offline players can view chat and interact with other players, then they have (limited) access to the server. So why not have a protocol specifically for them?
If you cant, or not able to, then why not make it fully offline? As in you dont even have to connect to the internet. You know, what offline used to actually mean.


people wanted an offline mode and now they are mad because they got an offline mode? Humanity at it’s finest :smiley: .


At the moment. In the future, the offline mode would be completely offline (excluding patching).

Yes, that is basically the options we’re being presented with. Either an offline mode (“play without them”) or online (“connect to the internet to verify my cosmetics”).

Yes, but I want to use the cosmetics on my offline characters. The way I imagine it could work is a “verify cosmetics” button on the login menu. I’d press the button, the game would connect to the internet , check what cosmetics I have bought and let me use them on all my chars for this play session. If I’m somewhere without internet connection it would mean no MTX but I could still play the game.


I think offline players would be satisfied with a limited store. You dont have to bring everything to the DLC page. I personally would be satisfied with a limited offline store so you dont end up with 10000 DLCS. It does not have to be all 10,000 DLCs or nothing.

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That is currently the plan, as stated in this announcement post and Kain’s first comment in this thread.

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I mean… really? What happens when that really super awesome weapon skin that Player_A wants isn’t available in the offline store? Or that portal effect Player_B wants? Or or or…

Then there would be nonstop griping about “why can’t all the cosmetic options be available in the offline store???”, or “why do online players get favorable treatment for cosmetic options!!!”.