Trading system

as I see it, the best trading system there could be would be a kind of auction house, but based only on the exchange. We define a certain number of objects that we are looking for, and we propose what we have to exchange. And if someone have an object that we are looking for and wants one of those we offer, we can proceed to the exchange. No purchase in gold or real money, no exchange directly between players. Thus, there would be no problem of unwanted traffic, and the principle of playing to obtain stuff would not be restricted since it is necessary to have objects to exchange. However, this does not prevent exchanges within a group of objects recovered during the run, or something like that, so that friends playing together can still make exchanges, within a certain limit.
I really hope that a system like this will be implemented, because it would be a great way to maintain farming while providing a controlled trading system. No way to buy items, just exchange. This would be so better than every trading system of this kind of games.

Just a clarification, would this mean that I post a Bastion of Honor and say that I want an Omnis in exchange?
How would this work with rare items?

Probably you’d enter the base, affixes, tiers, etc.

The issue with this is that it will become incredibly hard to trade and the purpose of trade is to get the items you need with relative ease and trade away the items you don’t need with relative ease.

While trading item for item may seem fine because there is always demand for something, the problem is not being able to get that item but rather having the item a specific person needs to trade for the item you need from them. This makes trades hard and incredibly convoluted as people are going to be trying to trade their item for another item and then that item for another item and maybe after 6 or 7 trades they are finally left with the item they can trade for the item they want, assuming it wasn’t traded earlier by someone else who was faster.

So again, this system would be too convoluted. The best way in my opinion is a marketplace. You put in your item, say how much you want for it and people can take it or leave it. It’s simple, fast and convinient. Does this enables RMT? Yes, but unless you have no trading whatsoever you can’t stop RMTs from happening, you can only try to cull it where you see it happening. You might as well accept the bad so you can have the good too.

I would be surprised if there’s a marketplace. If you can equip yourself just by buying the equipment in a marketplace, it would harm the game a lot. That’s not the goal. And there’s no “good” in this system. So i think that is better to have a system based on exchange rather than no trade at all or a full trade system with marketplace which allows you to equip yourself without having to play and which will transform the game into a simple traffic of money. With a system as i talked about, if you want to trade, you have to farm. Trading shouldn’t be too easy, otherwise there would be no point in playing to farm items.

Yeah, that’s fair enough, but there’s a good reason why people invented money ~5,000 years ago. Unless you’re bartering for a liquid asset or something that everybody needs (eg, food), bartering is a monumental pain.

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I am just going to wait for the announcement about the announcement for the announcement of trade after listening to last Friday’s dev stream. This is another pointless forum post about a very volatile subject that had its drum beaten so often its about to break.


You have to farm in any trading system. It doesn’t matter if you trade using a currency or through an overly convoluted barter system. If you don’t farm, you have nothing to trade for what you want.

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it’s a suggestion in the suggestion part of the forum. Just because YOU find this suggestion useless doesn’t mean it is for the developers or even other players. If I think your comment is useless, should I also complain?

The point of this being a forum and not just a form is so that other players can comment on suggestions. That includes being critical of them. If that’s not something you can handle, you should probably e-mail your suggestions to EHG directly instead of posting them.

Also, @jehzir is right - Trade is a topic that crossed the line of being beaten to death a long time ago. There are dozens of existing threads with hundreds of comments. There’s no value in a new thread about it that isn’t saying anything new.


yes, but farming golds is different from farming good items. To farm golds, you can farm everything and sell it. For exchange, you have to find good item, and if you drop a nice item but not for your class, you have a chance to exchange it for one of your class. In my opinion, it’s more interesting than just sell everything for gold and buy what you want.

Yes, we have descended into volatility. There was a post and a comment made by the game director something along the lines of: we will have an announcement about trade when we are ready.

This is what’s known as a distinction without a difference. To wit:

And with currency, you still do just that. The steps are different but the outcome is fundamentally the same.

The only meaningful difference is that bartering is less convenient, more time consuming, and more annoying.

Which is why replying is pointless, people just want to have their voice heard (which is fair enough), even if everybody else knows that there is nothing new under the sun in this regard…

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And this is prevent to make suggestions? Why? Because you don’t want? Do you know that you don’t have to participate if you don’t like the subject? Or are you just searching for useless conflict?

I would refer you to both my & Bronc’s posts above yours.

I think that it is valuable to the forum at large for the narcissism of creating a new thread to say something old like it’s new to be called what it is, even if the actual poster doesn’t get it.


Not necessarily, given that many old threads are locked so they can’t just post that they agree to something.

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Yes i know, and I’m glad to hear your opinions about the subject. All (relevant) points of view are welcome to hear

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That’s fair, but if all they have to say is that they agree with something someone else already said, that’s what the Like button is for. And there are plenty of open threads about trade anyway.