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Trading for real currency

So been a veteran of the Arpg genre I played most of the diablos hundreds of hour’s in Diablo 3 and countless of hundreds of hour’s in Grim dawn.

When diablo 3 was released they implemented a trade system for all items dropped with in the game and i found it worked really well giving people to earn a bit of extra cash as well as playing the game they love … i genuinely think this game has that potential given its genuinely the best Arpg I’ve ever played implemented this would be out standing.

Nope, nein, no


Hallo and welcome to the community!

As an ARPG veteran you should know that the d3 auction house was really unpopular… so you will not be making many friends with that suggestion.

That said, you can check this post to find out more about EHGs current plans for trading: The Bazaar


No please

And where is this auction house today?

Cut off like the gangrenous idea that it was.

Imo auction houses have no place in an arpg. Kill stuff, get loot, trade loot for other loot if you need to. I can accept gold auction houses since gold IS loot after all, but real money? God no.
It was bad in d3, and it would be bad here.

See it’s great to get other people’s opinions think 10 years ago when d3 was released I think it was a bad time to release this auction house but now with this game been so big i do think a small percent of people would like real currency and also in game gold just an option or maybe implement skins for currency I know counter strike is far far different but it does work … I feel it has to work on rarity then giving the player more power …

Yes, this is planned

Not for real money, EHG already stated they don’t want real money to buy ingame power

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Real money…

Oh hell no…

Within a week of launch we would have bots and sweat shop grinders absolutely wrecking the game, crashing EHG servers and generally ending any hope of a good future.

Using real money to support the devs and getting cosmetics… Sure…


Not sure why some1 can even suggest a thing like that, at all.
Auction House with in-game currency, yes. But real money? No, absolutely not.

Using real cash for buying Supporter Packs and great decent DLCs, and kick ass in-game items, yes to that.