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Too Much Gear

Coming from d3 I really hope LE doesn’t make the same mistake. There’s such thing as too much loot, even early on in the game. The quality of loot is perfectly fine as it is but there’s too much loot dropping too often. Even when its an upgrade it doesn’t feel rewarding because I just think to myself “cool an upgrade out of the sea of drops”


I highly recommend for you to use the in-game loot filter.
This one takes less then a minute to set up and its the most basic one I most often use.
I pick a couple of weapon types I’ll use lets say “wands, staves, scepters”
Rule 1) Hide → 1H daggers, swords, axes. 2H Everything expect staves, Off hand hide quivers.
( already 9-10 items completely hidden )
Rule 2) Hide → common rarity

You’d be amazed how much cleaner drops are with just these 2 changes.

Obviously you can customize it further to your liking.


Seems like this post is more about the way arpgs just crap out loot all over the ground. Diablo 2 was never quite this bad so I blame PoE for the current loot splosion meta that’s going on in arpgs right now. Not sure why game designers feel the need to have mobs drop tons of junk items on the ground. Sure you can craft some of them, but with the way instability works in this game it’s not a good idea. I’m still trying to figure out what the gameplay idea behind it is besides giving the player a sense of false reward. Like you almost got something but you didn’t! I’d vote for 70% or so less drops but improve the quality overall on the ones you do get. Makes you wonder why that uber elder dragon boss has a level 30 gray sword in it’s drop pool. I’d love to hear some feedback on why this is a thing.

While loot filters have improved this situation I think the item sizes are also part of the problem. Why did LE emulate the d2 stash/backpack system? Look how much space 2 handed swords etc. take up. I am constantly having to stop and deal with these things even while using a filter because my backpack is full. It really interrupts the flow of combat. If there is one thing I dislike in this game (POE as well) it is this system. It was horrible in 2000 in 2021 I think it is completely outdated. Obviously personal opinion.

You can craft and breakdown items on the fly in the maps… So what are you holding onto these trash items for? Either Shard them out of the way or craft them to wear on the fly. It’s not like you pick up items to sell in this game.

Does that address combat flow or my point about the size of the items? I am still having to stop to do that and I don’t need shards at this point. The only things I shatter now have +1 to skills and I should add many times I am not deliberately picking up these things. It happens just as a result of moving left mousing etc.

With the current system, what would you consider “higher quality”?

  • Higher tier affixes?
  • Better affix combinations?
    • What are better affix combinations?
    • Can you safely prevent certain affix combinations that you consider “bad” or would that eventually cripple build diversity? Maybe you lock out some cool builds that you did not think of when setting up these restrictions?

With the current system and it loot explosions is hard enough to get a t20 item with 4 affixed that are useful. If you want to maintain the freedom of itemisation you need that numbers of drops. Because every item has the possibility to roll that exact stats you need.

Restrict affix combinations and every 10th or 20th item looks the same. You remove the possible combinations, you streamline items.

It surprises me how often this is mentioned, in global chat in-game as well, that people say that there is too much loot? Is there? Coming from ARPG games like Path of Exile that are literally unplayable unless you do use a loot filter, I don’t see what Last Epoch makes differently than other popular ones of the genre, like Grim Dawn and Torchlight 2.

Maybe the game could highlight Rune of Shattering more and how crafting works in general. There is a small in-game quest that more or less tells you “by the way, crafting exists”, but other than that, unless the player actively reaches out and looks for it, realising that you are supposed to shatter items with the right modifiers to get (the right) shards that you can use in crafting takes a while.

In my modest opinion, item drops are well rounded right now. During the campaign, I sometimes got items that were much better than what I had already and I barely had to craft during it because loot sustained me. Important is setting up loot filters though, as otherwise you will scan item for item for the right mods and that’s just a pace breaker.

Well to play devil’s advocate does that mean LE has to copy their systems? not meaning to be confrontational, just asking?

If it works, why not take some inspiration. As long as we don’t get a bloat of items, like in Path of Exile, I am fine with a certain quantity to be able to shatter items with modifiers that could or are useful for your character. Less items would also mean less opportunities to get modifiers that you need for your character, while too much means having a full inventory but not enough runes to shatter them, so a nice balance is needed here.

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and I’m not disagreeing with your logic. I just would like to see smaller items in my stash/backpack but I guess it depends on what their plans are. In the minimal time I’ve played POE storage was really the only thing I spent money on.

I neither agree or disagree with you at this point in time, but you are going off-topic here, aren’t you, since OP seems to talk about too much gear in general and not how the gear size impacts limited backpack size.

I see the topics as being completely related but that’s my opinion.

Why reinvent the wheel?

I would like to see only 30% of the current drops but that all drops are related to the class i play and even better to see tier drops related to my char’s level.

i think it would increase also the game performance.

As it is now 70-80 % of loot just stays on the ground, no one picks it up

Title’s name is best to changed to “too much loot”

Why not? Personally I think all 3 of those games drop way too much loot.

The loot filter helps, but so does memorizing 1-2 of your favorite affixes. When I was building my Regifter Paladin, any time I saw “of Renewal” or “of the Giant” I was picking it up for further inspection. Lack of loot would hurt an ARPG, especially one built in gearing through shattering items and reapplying the shards in determinative fashion.

wow, someone plays ARPG in 2021 without lootfilter

I do.
Sometimes I use one, but most of times I don’t. During the campaign, I have no or almost no need for a loot filter. In endgame I can use one, but it’s far from mandatory?
Why sad? It’s sad that I have my own preference, feeling and needs? OK :wink:

I’m feeling sad because nobody answeres what “better quality loot” would look like…