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Too much beastmaster without beast

Nobody got a full beast build like pet and no self damage, i see Animal Park build but domage is so low like a Serpent Strike, tornado or other…

I’m really disapointed to this a class named “Beastmaster” powned by other like Beast…

And in general if no one has succeeded in doing such a build it is because the viability or speed of it does not deserve to be informed …
But in this case I find that the class is rather badly named and should be better focused on the beasts as described

Thank you for taking the time to read me and tell me what you think too !

Are you wanting a build where the companions are beast? Are the beastmaster himself is? Or a hybrid? All 3 variations exist. I can place links if you like

build with only beast like a real puppet master :slight_smile:

who companion don’t die each time on lagon and other boss :frowning:

got this actually

i have try before Sabertooth but not really better

Stuff, resist

Depending on what beast your using the build will differ but you can run 6 wolves and give them lots of leech with aspect of lynx. With minion dodge and 100% GB they should be just fine against lagon and emporerer

You only have 250 minion dodge and 67% minion health. Get 500+ minion dodge and closer to 500% minion health. Heal them often with roots

Looks like you went all out on minion damage and minion physical damage. A nuker pet will not make a tanky one

need to sacrifice one pet for roots ?

Was this insufficiently beast-y? I thought it was primarily a wolf bleed build?

For me its an hybrid Build because u need attack with swipe but its Bear to the goal

Passive Beastmaster with no selfdamage skills is my favourite char to play, and i have made more than 10+ different versions of it, so i can assure you theyre definately viable.
My favourite so far is the 1-minion Scorpion with baby scorpions version, where all you need to do is cast roots, and the occasionally frenzy/thorn totem. (my current version doesnt even use frenzy totem)
Heres a link to an older version i made : (the video might look boring, but it has been in top 5 primalist ssc ladder a few patches now).
If your interested i can make a short vid of one im currently playing (its not much different, but theres a few changes)
Note : The only time the scorpion comes close to dying is at the Emperor (last Monolith boss) and at Ladder lvl 100+

yes for sure i’m interested by your work :slight_smile:

i’m block to lagon in monolith at the moment

Heres a short vid of the setup :

Note (this is still an experimental setup, but has worked well so far) :

  1. Maelstrom can easily be replaced by either frenzy totem or a defensive ice thorn setup.
  2. Thorn totem i use for the armor reduction to mobs, but frenzy might be even better for damage
  3. Eterras Blessing : you dont need the points in the Ravens, but its working well in later arena when pet is taking alot of damage

Hope it helps, and ask away if you got further questions

Hey, you leave Bleeding Heart out of this. Its the only thing making beastmaster playable without snapshotting gear :smiley: