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250k+ Damage Beastmaster Build

Let them bleed with 4 stacks per wolf per attack! 250k+ damage beastmater!


I like that

Gambled over 600k for both chest and weapon and still no luck. Are these items not able to be gambled or do I have the worst luck on the planet?

The base for the armour (Leather Coat) can’t be gambled & the axe you’d need to be at least lvl 20 to be able to gamble it.

To prevent me in the future blowing all my funds, how would one know what CAN or CANT be gambled? I used 200k on my 75 Beastmaster to gamble for the Axe, no luck.

Find the unique you want, then find it’s base, if either says “cannot drop” then it can’t be gambled.

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Very good info, thank you.

So the axe is a min level of 20. Would it be better to gamble it on a lower level toon closer to 20, or does it matter if I gamble for it on my lvl 75?

Shouldn’t make a difference since there are no higher level uniques for that base that would “pollute” the unique drop pool at higher levels.

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It absolutely does matter, you have to reroll much less to have attempts to roll the weapon if you cut down all the bases higher than 20 from the pool. To get draagsting I went from rerolling items 4 times and rolling 1 weapon with my endgame char to rolling in everage a weapon per reroll. Also, rerolls are cheaper on low level characters so gambling on the lowest requred level character does matter a lot.

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Yeah, I was thinking of the pool of uniques for a given base rather than the pool of possible items in the gambler. Yes, in that regard, it would be better to gamble at the minimum level for the unique to reduce the number of bases that could spawn at that level.

Where is the 5th wolf from. I see 2 base, 1 helm, 1 beastmaster spec, not sure where you are getting the 5th one from.

Wolf skill tree and mastery bonus for 6 total

I’m still confused, sorry, You didn’t take the extra companion in wolf skill tree, and I included the Beast master mastery spec in the 4 I listed, do you just get more companions from leveling or something?

1 from the helm, 1 from the specialisation in Beastmaster, and 1 from a passive on the top.

Force of Nature, thanks, I looked, but somehow managed to miss that one.

Which blessings you took?

Looks like double taste of blood works in 0.8 :slight_smile: