Tomes of Experience are worthless in 0.9F

Tomes of Experience give way too little XP, next to nothing. Choosing them as a reward in the Monolith of Fate is currently a complete waste, they need a decent buff to be of any value.


They shouldn’t show up in empowered monoliths at all, especially after you hit 100. There are enough garbage nodes that you’re incentivized to skip in the monolith as it is, might as well remove one of the worst offenders.

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I’d like them more if they gave more experience, but I find them to be plenty useful for supplementing leveling right now.

They definitely need to do something about the complete waste they become once you hit 100 though.


I agree to all comments above me. EHG please :slight_smile:

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I think they are a great idea and tool to speed up leveling new characters to try out different classes. Especially in context of multiplayer, so your high level buddy doesn’t have to wait days until you can join their progress with a different class.
But to do that, they would need to … actually speed up the leveling. Right now, they move the progress bar even within a single level by a hair thin amount, which is basically nothing and absolutely broken. Each reward of Tomes of Experience should give 15% of your current level in XP, that would be 5% per tome. That way, it would scale and be a consistent reward, rising in value the closer you get to 100.


I disagree with the idea to remove them at lvl 100.

While they might not be useful for leveling your character once you reach 100, they are still a very welcome boost to respec some points in ability skilltrees and get them back to max. Speeding up the experimentation with the build, reducing grind. But again, even for that, they give too little XP right now.

I just removed 1 point on my Lv20 skill and got it back after 1 mono run at my current level (94). Even yesterday when I respecced like 8 points, I still got it back to max in just a few runs. But this still could be useful on lower levels though but I think definitely not in Lv100, since you can easily level the skills back up to max in no time.


I would still use tomes to speed it up. I’m not the biggest fan of re-grinding points in the skill’s skilltrees. Sure, getting them back up is fast enough, but if you experiment a lot on multiple characters, every reduction of grind is welcome to me.

Don’t forget we are in the Beta. Devs said many times you’ll need more XP to get to 100 after launch. So while the tomes don’t make your bar move now they won’t do even less after. I think maybe the devs missed a 0 or two on the xp gain of this tomes because right now they are worth killing how many mobs on level? 20ish?

For fully respeccing a skill, sure I think it really would be helpful for some people especially for slow-clear rate builds. But I think most of the people grinding in empowered monos already have their skills set in stone anyway. And even if they have to respecc then maybe just a few points and get those back really quick by doing their target farming monolith route without going specifically for EXP tome nodes. I was also experimenting with my build a few days ago and I had to despecialize a lot of skills, and despite being only Lv10 skills, I didn’t have problems clearing monos with underleveled skills.

And what about for people who doesn’t need respeccing? I think it only benefits one party here but of course I’m not against it if it helps you in some way, I’m totally fine with that. What I’m just saying is that hopefully there would be a way to make these tomes useful for people who are already at max level and doesn’t need respeccing that EHG would implement in the future like maybe convert exp nodes into gold or something. Who knows.

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I have a suggestion.

Once level 100, Tomes of Experience reward echoes get a 10% higher chance to drop exalted, unique and set items.

This would keep them around for people who need to respec skills and want to speed up maxing them, and the others simply enjoy a chance at better loot, so less hard feelings towards these echoes on their path.

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Interesting idea, another option is they could also give 50% increased stability gain from this node (If character is level 100) or for the next 2-3 nodes making it really good for people still farming blessings or boss uniques.


I like your idea even more, increased stability would be a nice alternative once the player reaches lvl 100.

I suspect the deleveling of skills is there to stop people switching mid-run.
Leveling skills from 10 to 20 takes 2-3 echo runs.
Maybe give 3 tomes of XP (5% of level XP per) and 1 tome of skill (levels all specced skills to 20).
That way you can’t switch skills mid-run but you can still experiment without needing to limp through 3 echos if you switch your key skill out, for example.

They could also be valuable past 100 for faction progress

We had a discussion internally about Tomes of Experience a while ago, if they should be replaced with something else at lv100. We decided to keep them because we found that players (including ourselves) liked the opportunity to quickly level up skills if they wanted to respec.


If majority voted to keep the tomes, I would like to suggest to slightly increase the exp gained from it. Even at slightly lower levels at 60-80, it barely gives any imo.

Can we make them as item to pickup at least for later use, experience from them is soo small but they blocking nodes, there is no point to use them to respec, 1 echo done is like 20 tomes and reward for echo is 3. So they are artificial blocker in monolith and they are boring.

make them give flat HP depening on echo/corruption, so you can powerlevel.

I like the extra stability (mayb 50% more) it could provide on that node. Would makes it faster to farm blessings and/or boss uniques items