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Those freaking meteor enemies

they deal insane amounts of damage, no other regular enemy does anywhere close to their damage. I have 150% fire resistance, 60% endurance, 2800 life, 100% crit avoidance and STILL they nuke me in about 2 hits. Is this a bug? They come in swarms so its almost impossible to avoid their attacks.

Its not a bug. They are just strong. But got already nerfed this patch making them far more easy to fight now. If you move constanly and go into melee range once you see them it should be no problem for you. Also when they come in swarms they almost attack at the same time.

Just to make sure…
You are aware that it doesnt help that you have 150% fire res? You take exactly the same damage you would take at 75%…

So you can maybe use the stat Budget better :wink:

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thats not true, overcapped resists help with penetration. But its only so high because of my idols currently and running as a druid. I normally wouldn’t build so high but I just happen to have that much.

**ed: never mind I’m wrong, but still I rarely ever build overcapped resists. I just happen to get like 60 all resists from idols and I have a fire blessing, as well as fire implicit boots. No actual mods are being wasted anywhere at the moment.

their attack isnt designed to tank it but to dodge. you can survive one most of the time but a second one is pretty much death.
i’m sorry if that comment is just one of all the smart comments around. but there is nothing else to say about that damn meteor ._.

that is precisely the problem I’m talking about…you just restated what I said lol. They are not bosses, they aren’t even rare monsters. There is no other monster in the game besides bosses that have a mechanic like that. TBH though they are fairly rare monsters to run into so it’s not a huge deal in the grand scheme of the game, it just seems like poor design when compared to all the rest of the monsters you run into

Overcapped resists help with shred, the area level penetration is applied after your resists are capped at 75 but any sources of shred are applied before the cap.

More is better. :wink:

Some characters here definitely get values between 50k and 200k, just so you’ve heard two numbers for once.

10k to 20k EHP can be achieved by pretty much any build, I guess.

your definition of “far more easy” and mine are different.
embermages are still lethal, as far as i can tell they STILL attack all at once.

i have to admit, the damage must have been nerfed because even with the coincident attack, they haven’t 1-shot me yet.

also they, like every other ranged creature in this game, can gang up on you from off-screen.

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I love it when you get 4 packs of them in arena monoliths (you get like 20+ meteors raining down all at once). Really hate arena no clue why they forced these maps into monoliths.


Variety. Plus you can avoid them if you don’t like them.

No I’m not going to skip them as they are always right in front of the node I want or they are the actual node I want. People want to play arena there’s an area for that already, you don’t see them forcing random monolith maps to arena waves.


Well…kind of.

I’ve had lighmages and embermages, and other ranged attack creatures, follow me across the map, ALL the way across the map. I’m positive about this , because i’ve purposely not killed mobs just to test this out.

Sometimes they don’t, but quite often they do.

I think that’s what may contribute to the offscreen problem . I believe that i’m running past them on the edge of the screen, which causes them to start following, and then, for some reason, once they are in “follow mode”, if you stop then they are able to attack from completely off-screen.

edit: oops, just realized you were talking about arenas. However what i’ve put down here is still true…

I was referring to sfbistimg not liking the arena monos.

lol. your response beat my edit by about 5s. :slight_smile:

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Seriously? The level penetration is AFTER capping at 75? Why even bother then? Just have players’ resistance decrease so they can more clearly see where it actually stands.

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This mob has already been nerf plenty, so be grateful it isnt how it originally was.

Like a lot of ARPGs, standing still is tactically worse than constantly moving. There are a lot of reasons which I won’t go into detail on. Suffice it to say, its true for LE. And not just for Embermages. It’s true for pretty much any non-melee monster. And Spires too. Spires are great for teaching you to “stick and move”. :slight_smile:

this is a silly argument to make…it doesn’t matter that they USED to be worse, only that they are STILL overpowered in their current form. Regarding Zaodon’s comment, I totally get it and I am constantly moving. There’s nothing wrong with that. The point is that the embermage damage is astronomically higher than even the pseudo-boss spires. I can stand still and tank those spires at corruption 100 all day long, but get me in front of 2 embermages at corruption 0 and I’m dead. This just isn’t proper balancing. Nothing to do with gameplay or strategy, just a balance issue with a NORMAL mob

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Yea im definitely silly, but i doubt they will do anything to it anymore, good luck to you