Okay, throwing this out on a whim. I’ve been wanting this for quite sometime and working on trying to make a spear viable build using javelin like most builds use rive/vengeance or multistrike has been…fun. :crazy_face: Yes, I’m well aware certain skills just aren’t meant to be used certain ways but one of the real fun things I’ve come to love about LE is just HOW MUCH versatility is out there and how little tweaks can make it really fun.

So I had this idea.

The main gist is to be able to use a spear with a shield. The ‘numbers’ stuff I came up with are totally arbitrary and I haven’t really pushed it more in the realm of reality. It’s a start, maybe could generate some conversation about a unique piece that could do this in some way shape or form but most of all make the Devs fear the Spartan warrior in all of us. :joy:


I think I’d actually prefer that to come from the passives tree. Much like the primalist dual wield node. Maybe place it in the forge guard tree that needs some loving right now?

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Nice idea. Maybe add one or two additional affixes to the unique idol, as the opportunity cost of losing 2x2 idol space is pretty substantial.

Not a big fan of spears,

But I do like the idea of unique items (be it idol or other slots) bypassing regular item limitations.

I myself have quite some similar ideas that I wanted to do with my 2nd Ardent Creator Collab Unique. (more catered towards 1H/2H restrictions for Erasing Strike and Void Cleave)

Not entirely sure if Idol would be my preferred slot for this.
I feel like a Unique Shield would be more appropriate for this and then that Shield should actually represent a shield that was actually used for holding in conjunction with a spear.

I guess the only weird thing here would be, that some Polearms are actually not spears. So maybe a Unique Spear could it be as well, but that would heavily impact the build variety you can do with it.

True but it’s also pretty substantial to get 2/3 of the benefit of a 2-handed weapon stats and 2/3 or a shields stats.

But truth be told I haven’t really given it real in-depth thought, the idea just came to me for it to be an idol while I’m trying (and failing) to make my spear build. :smiley:

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Yeah, that would be another good possibility. Although if you put it as a passive you would definitely be limiting it to that class and the three masteries (depending on how high in the tree it is (like spellblades dual wield.)

Not that that would be bad. It certainly would make it more class-identifying.

In general or just in LE because they don’t get much love?

And yeah, a unique shield or spear itself would work too (that was actually one of my original ideas way back when I first started asking about it.)

I’d be more inclined for it to be the shield though. Unique weapons tend to be very ‘build’ defining. And while one hand spear/shield is a ‘defining’ style a weapon unique might be TOO narrow and not allow iterations of spear/shield to come out.

Granted all of this was under the idea that we won’t ever see 1-handed spears. If that’s ever in the cards, than my idea would clearly be moot.

I feel like your idea could actually be used for other 2h weapons, not just spears. You get some item or passive that lets you use a shield with them, even if they’re not spears. Of course you’d have to figure out the proper theme, maybe limit it to just one class or mastery, but the base idea seems sound, assuming you find a way to both balance it and to bring something unique or new to the table. Something akin to barbs being able to use 2h weapons as 1h in diablo.

Personally, I’m all for things that let you do out of the box stuff. It usually leads to fun builds.

Your what?

One Part of the Ardent Creator Supporter Pack is a Unique design collaboration to bring a unique into LE with the collab of EHG.

There a a lot of these in the game already.

Like my first one:


That’s not really my intention here. Swords. Axes. Maces all have one-handed varieties. Spears do not despite the fact that spear/shield combat is actually a thing. So it was really based around that idea.

I personally don’t think the other weapons need it BECAUSE they already have one-handed versions.

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As Heavy explained.

Currently I don’t think you can purchase these anymore as they had to sort of close it down they were getting so many (apparently) and the ramp up to MP and 1.0 was not going to allow them to get to the back log.

I have also heard they will bring it back at some point though.

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Yes, I know you mean to make spears with shield a thing and, honestly, I think it should. I just meant that you could sort of apply that to other 2h weapons. And I don’t necessarily mean 2h+shield, although that’s a possibility, but maybe also dual wield 2h weapons. Anyway, that’s outside the scope of your suggestion, so I’ll stop derrailing it. I was just saying that I’m on board with your suggestion even if it wasn’t as exclusive as just for spears.

As I said, I like stuff that leads to out of the box builds. 2h+shield, dual wield 2h, unarmed attacks, all that stuff is fun to add. Even if you just have 2-3 builds from them, it still adds to diversity and fun.

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No! it’s not really a derail. It helps to highlight the fact that all the other melee weapon types (not counting scepters) have one handed/two handed version EXCEPT spears.

I’d be totally fine if they just introduce one-handed spears instead of finding a way to allow two-handed spears to be usable with a shield.

Any thing. JUST GIVE ME MY HOPLITE!!! :crazy_face:

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And you’re gaining the substantial defensive benefits of a shield along with the much higher dps of a 2h weapon at the same time.

No polearms are spears, fortunately only 1 (Dragonslayer’s Glaive) looks particularly polearm-y with honourable mentions for the Dredge Hook & possibly Glaive (which looks a bit more slash-y than stabby), everything looks very stabby & not even slightly slash-y.

You can’t.

Personally I’d like this kind of effect to not be on a weapon/offhand as that’s where it often is, there are very few unique idols & it would be nice for a build to not have to be pidgeonholed into a specific weapon.

What would a 2h sceptre be? A staff?

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By definition, a sceptre IS a staff. Although some definitions will also say it could be a wand. It’s a ceremonial staff.

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Ah, yeah I tried to purchase the supporter pack but it had already been discontinued. A day late and a dollar short as they say.


That’s where I disagree. By definition, spears are polearms, but not all polearms are spears. You actually gave a good example in the glaive.

This should be a song.

I’m purely talking about in-game. If you look at the models, the only spear models that don’t look like pointy sticks are the Glaive & Dragonslayer Glaive.

IRL, I agree completely.

To me it feels very like a quote from Red Dwarf in the White Hole episode.

Ah, all good.