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This game already has a future!

**sI recently bought the game and im liking it a lot.
THE GAME WORLD IS AMAZING ! THE GAME WORLD IS AMAZING ! THE GAME WORLD IS AMAZING ! (except the water - that is absolute plastic bag)
The architecture and design and the ideea of it are unique, new, different, and very very story immersive. It’s kinda what was missing from the other games.
The detail put into it is very very nice.

THE FLUID GAMEPLAY - VERY AWSOME ! From the start even. You like to play the game from the very first step just cause cause of how it moves and flows.

THE GRAPHICS ARE AMAZING ! And still in beta ! Very very good effects and ideea of environment ones also.

But ofc i have to offer suggestions from my gameplay so far and i hope they wont be seen as complaints. I bought the game. Wont ask refund. This game already has a future no doubt.

My suggestions so far. Beeing breef.

Playing in 4k and everything at max - i can have 55-60 FPS in 50% of areas - no matter if im full screen fighting monsters or doing noghing
In other areas i have 35-45FPS - no matter if im full screen fighting monsters or doing noghing
Please focus on fixing the stability somehow so that all places are same FPS if possible.
The same areas that are low fps, are the same even in 1080 and lower settings…so its not cause of the game settings…its from the game itself…ofc cause still in beta.

The graphics are amazing no doubt, but still in 4k and all max settings, there are still a lot of edges - For Ex : WELRYN DOCKS - every single wood item is edged out on the sides. In 4k all max ! Kinda nasty for how good the world looks. And it doesnt matter what AA im using…they are the same.

VERY IMPORTANT - ITEM LABEL SIZE ON GROUND - atm half of time played is trying to click on items on ground that have to small text…pls make a slider to make them bigger for easier pickup.
AUTO PICK UP - For Crafting Materials please.

Game needs a lil more zoom pls. Seems a lil claustrophobic. Just a lil bit more zoom out. 15-20% more.

Pls make it optional to disable the floating +1item/gold text after picking some items up. I can already see and hear i picked them up, why clutter the screen ? PLS dont ruin this great game by making it a child arcade text filled screen like d3.
Also optional to disable the HALF SCREEN TEXT that appears on left side after transfering crafting materials. It’s obvious and evident it’s been done…

AUDIO VOICE DIALOUGE FOR EVERY MAIN STORY QUEST - VERY MUCH NEEDED - one of most important IMMERSIVE things that a game can have is a good story voices for the main story chars. THe story is very very good, but no one likes to read a lot, and i would really like to hear good voices that dont speak fast, so i can enjoy also the story of the game between the fights. Would be wonderful.

If i keep mouse left click press to just move, why when i enocounter my portal or a waypoint, why does it also click on that to use it ? it whould walk over any usable or destroyable item until i press again on it click it would be fair right ?

Game needs More Chests / Hidden Rocks / Barrles / etc…u can barely find a chest that gives 5gold…kinda lame.

Why do monsters respawn after town portal and items dissapear ? i just killed them…and left items there to get them after i have space…
And why do maps go to NOT-CLEARED after town portal also ?

Make lava have a distorstion effect if not real movement…it looks good…but as a picture…not moving sadly

Boss fights so fare are lifeless. make more things happen…more sounds…more voice overs…more monster sounds, more minions next to them, more rocks falling etc during boss fights…and make them drop better maybe !
Also change the music to more fight music…some bosses dont even change the soundtrack…its just the map one.

VERY IMPORTANT - COLORS OF HUD - They are to cartoonish, make them more dark, life and mana globes on screen, skills, the background color for items in inv, skill tree, and most important, the ? and ! signs on top of npcs…they are to cartoonish…to bright…make them 35% darker in color…make the game feel more life like…not like torchlight/d3…and add more dust effects and falling rocks in the gameworld (with sounds ofc)

Alt-tabing the game changes resolution - but it remains the same in settings. My desktop is at 1920x1080 but in game i play in 3820x2160 - after alt tab it goes to 1080, but not changing in game settings, i still see 4k…why would it do this.

Putin Z to not show items on ground is a TROLL FEATURE - pls dont copy PoE and try to annoy players…by default it should be Numpad 9 … not Z next to all buttons u use…

Make the chat box scaleable - its too big on the screen. Let us choose fonts and font sizes and the color of text pls.

Make the health bar over moster heads a lot thinner… like 75% more thinner…its too big and when a lot of monsters are arround it seems like 1995 again…make them smooth, they dont need to have contour.

to be continued !**

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First of all: Welcome ot the LE Community.

Good Feedback and I just wanna touch on some things and redirect you to some good discussions:

This has been requested very often already. I can’t remember any official statement, but I am sure as with everything, that the devs do hear the feedback and most likely will do something about it.

There have been countless discussions about this.
here is one of my favorite ones:

I personally never felt the need for this. This would also be a change that would affect every visual, that is already in the game, especially telegraphs, because everything would be a little bit smaller. So in case the devs would actually do it, it needs a lot of testing.

Generally everything related to the story and delivery will come pretty close to 1.0 or with 1.0.
This would also include Translations.

Because if they would rework parts of the story, they would need to re-do it and since EHG is still a Indie studio they don’t want to waste ressources on doing something as expensive as voice acting and doing professional translations multiple times, in case stuff changes.

This is currently a technical limitation and not an intended game feature.
This will most likely be fixed closely before or with the implementation fo multiplayer.

Some “bosses” are very old and some are very new and feel very good.

There are a lot of bosses that do have their own soundtrack.
They slowly rework and overhaul outdated content, so it’s just a matter of time.

You do get clear feedback in the chat, when you press that button and use that feature, especially when you do this accidentally.
Maybe making that hint a little bit more noticeable would be a good idea.

But it’s far from a “troll feature”.

Any kind of UI work is an ongoign process, they just revised the HP bar at the top of the screen for bosses and mini bosses and i think it looks really good.

The small over-head bars could certainly also get a visual overhaul.

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100% agree with this. We need the option to make these at least 25% larger (at 2k res. maybe more at 4k). I don’t understand why they refuse to implement this if it has been brought up so much. Is it really that difficult to implement? Or is it a matter of the developers having some issue with giving us the option to increase the size?

**Rouge Passive Skil Tree is wrongly designed. **
**Twin Blade needs to have 2/2 points. Not 1/1. **
The badly desing forces u to add 1 point in Steady Hand or Guile so u can progress.

VERY IMPORTANT - 5th skill slot (i have 5 skill specializations…why just 4 slots ?)

And why do rare items have only 4 mods ? Considering all the stats…they should have 5, maybe 6 on higher levels.

Spec Skill should go to 25-30 - 20 is to low.
Respecing skills should just cost gold, and not take the skill to lower level.

ITEMS need to drop with level of the area u are in - what are lvl 32 rares doing in lvl 80 end of time area ?

MORE SET UNIQUE ITEMS PLS - make a comunity thread where players share there ideas for new items.

MORE AMBIENT SOUNDS - falling rocks, cracks, screams, fire, wind, water/drops, bats, birds, animals

MORE LIFELIKE ENVIRONMENT - more bats, birds, wild animals, wirms, fire-flies, more NPCs in town (that say random, or subliminally random stuff), more things that u can never interact with with but make the world more full.

Make it optional to disable the item showing on right down side of screen when u hover mouse over any item on the ground…i disabled item comparison…but it still shows…its verry cluttery…and not helpful…

Make it optional to disable the text on left side of screen when u send something to forge and others.

Make mini-map in upper right corner scaleable to make it smaller…its to large and cluttery

When pressing the “-” minimize quests button under mini map, pls also make the “quests” word dissapear.

When enemies jump at you…they look like paper…i know…beta…but out of all monster motions, this one is most outstanding…maybe priority on what is most needed :smiley:

Enemy damage is to OP at end game in comparison to player stats. Pls Balance this.

are you serious about ‘forces’ ? Those are very very good passives. Dexterity is bread and butter for Rogue it gives lots of damage and so is Dodge.
With all respect most of your feedback is not relevant because you’re seem not too experienced with LE and making hasty conclusions. I can give you example, you say :

but there are lots of good low level bases (for example, rings with elemental resistances implicit) so some players might really want them. If you don’t like to see such items there’s a lootfilter for that.

Lvl 90 now, game is awsome overall, eveni in beta, but still has a long road to get where it should be.

There HAS TO BE a place, randomly generated, where u can go and farm, and has to be very diverse.
It’s kinda childish to do somewhat of a daily mission in each map, go kill a monster or a pylon, do next, and so on. Make a rift/map similar system where players can team up and farm large areas filled with packs of mobs.

Make icons over NPCs heads max half in size if not less, or let them scale in settings, they are immense…why ?

The main screen UI (life mana and skills on mid bottom screen) could go a little more to the bottom so that the exp bar is exactly at monitor edge scaling with native resolution. Looks like its floating, looks cluttery.

Option to disable life/mana numbers on the main screen UI.

Option to make that little square Chat Box in left bottom screen invisible if u don’t press Enter.

Make the mini-map go a more up in the corner. Delete the +/- signs, and just shortcut them to NumLock Keys +/- by default. It’s intuitive. Move the area/era names within the map itself and move the “QUESTS” and the 2 buttons as close as possible to the map.
Make the minimap have scale bar for size and transparency.

When i go into a skill tab, under it’s name there should be a button “skill stats” where i can see how much dmg, what type, attack speed, crit, etc, and everything about the skill. atm i have to check the points assigned to see that the skill has.

P.S. - what if i dont want to spec into dex ? maybe i want to choose u know :wink:Processing: 435453453453.jpg…