Third-Party Software TOS

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I’d like to ask about whether third party software are allowed. I know it’s hard to define concrete rules, so I’d like to ask for some clarification on the topic. I found this thread: topic in which the developer had this response:

Automation that includes movement of characters, movement of the game cursor, or actions that depend or react to the game state are not allowed by Eleventh Hour Games.

I’m not going to make a list of specifically approved programs at this time.

I’m not asking for specific applications since there are endless variations, however, I do have some examples which I would be interested in knowing whether they are allowed or not. Does ‘game state’ include static UI elements which don’t directly influence combat for example, can a third-party application display additional information about an item, spell, or character statistic depending on the highlighted UI item? Is a completely static wiki like gui allowed that overlays on top of the gameplay?

I can completely understand if you cannot give specific answers to these questions due to legal or other reasons, but I’d love to develop a small extension that displays a few specific information that might help a novice or even expert player, so I thought asking wouldn’t hurt.

Probably since that would be akin to having lastepochtools open on a separate screen.

I have no affiliation with EHG - just guessing here

Having an overlay of some kind providing additional data on screen is probably not going to be an issue imho.

However, how you make this contextually active by hooking into the active running game memory / processes etc is likely going to be a problem imho. The devs dont seem to have a problem with Dammit & Tunks extracting the game data for the lastepochtools & tunklab websites but I doubt they are gonna be too happy with anything doing it actively during play.

That said, who knows… I wouldnt personally put in all the effort to build something without knowing 100% for sure from the devs tho and I doubt they are gonna commit to this right now. I have a feeling they would probably perfer that something like what you suggest is made irrelevant by improving the “requirement for it” in the game itself.

Yeah, my guess is that reading memory of the application is strictly forbidden, however using OCR might be in the gray area.


Yes, that was what I was thinking, but some games forbid any kind of overlays.

PM one the devs.

How would I go about doing that?

You could ask directly on the discord. Or write an email to the support. Right now we are in beta and this might be the best time to test something like it and if it’s harmfull for the game.

Find one of the devs posts in the forum, right-click their name & select message…

Me crying on mobile because I can’t right click :cry::cry:

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For me it is a left-click, both on Windows and Linux. Right-click usually opens the browser’s context menu.
Are you using a mirrored mouse layout?

No, but I have been wrong more often recently…