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Theorycrafting Alluvion Spellblade Shatterstrike

I have been wanting to make a build that uses Alluvion as the base. With the Legendary updates changes coming soon I thought it would be a good time to try again. I have used a lot uniques with only 3 slots with rares/exalted items. This leaves the build open for massive growth if i can find uniques with good legendary potential.

I picked spellblade mostly for shatterstrike since it has such synergy with Alluvion. Additionally, much of the spellblade’s other skills can be converted to cold or add needed utility.
The skills i specced into are Shatterstrike, Surge, Enchant weapon, Mana Strike, and Snap Freeze. The rotation would be to start enchant weapon at the beginning of map/echo. I have it setup so that it will reapply itself when it ends. Next would be to surge into a pack of monsters then cast snap freeze.
After that would be shatterstrike and if there is anything left over use mana strike to refill my mana and then do it over again till you complete the echo. Additionally, with the Alluvion Wave and the Water orb skills adding to the damage it should be able to kill most packs pretty quickly.
I think the build should work pretty well. I am open for suggestions and advice on how to improve this. Thanks again everyone for the great community here!

Here is the build link: Spellblade, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner
Additionally, if anyone has questions for the exalted items i chose i do have similar one already in my stash.

I also tried to do these builds, but it doesn’t make sense until Blade Weaver and Volka’s Razor are repaired.

Even then, I don’t believe it’s possible to create an effective build with Alluvion or the Battle Mage. I’m talking about high difficulty rates.

Although, perhaps legendary items can make a difference.
The problem with these items is that they have a very low damage base. They don’t have crit, they don’t have a high adaptive base.

That is, there is no way to create a build by playing precisely from their passive caste.

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I asked this question last year but it seems like its still not possible… maybe a Legendary version might work but unfortunately making a viable build (empowered levels) with Alluvion just doesnt seem possible…

To be honest, I perceive these swords, but rather, the mechanics themselves (passive-active skills, this can include Spark Charge and others), just as fillers for the game.

There should be “variety” in the game, but it will never lead to efficiency, which means it will be used, if it is, then at a very low level or for the sake of fun.

You are probably right…

I do however still wish that interesting items like this could be scalable and more useful than fun… There are so many uniques that are interesting in design and concept, but 9 times of out 10, by the time you get to having to be serious about your build (usually at the end of the campaign) an exalted or even just a rare turns out to be better overall - even without the interesting unique affixes/specials…

Maybe the devs will let Alluvion drop with 3 or 4 legendary potential… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I agree, so I, for example, suggested at one time to make the BattleMage a one-handed sword.
What is 18% of the damage of Lightning Blast, even taking into account the work of the skill tree?
Could this somehow compete with the full use of active skills?

As long as such mechanics play a secondary role, rather than build-forming, they will not be competitive.

What is broken with Blade Weaver and Volka’s Razor?

I really hope that I can find an Alluvion with 4 legendary potential. I have a couple of exalted items that i can use.

Additionally, it would be nice to maybe have a passive that increases either base damage or scales base damage when using a two handed weapon. Especially since they have the nodes that give you damage based on how many one handed weapons you are using

The damage only affects melee skills. Triggers and spell activators will not be amplified.
For example, Tidal Wave in Surga (ColdFront) will not be strengthened.
Because of this, SpellBlade’s spell damage is very low from skills.

It would be nice, but I doubt it very much that an Alluvion would drop with 4… the devs have confirmed that they are being very careful of Legenday Potential on Uniques… If they dont, imagine how OP things like Omnis and others would become. :confused:

That is true sadly. I just think having a greater potential on items that dont scale as well would make them more viable. Plus it would be great fun :smile:

That makes sense. I didnt think about that.

It’ll still be possible to get them with 4 potential, just less likely.

Hey… Have the devs indicated anything around how the assignment of LP will work - at least a high level…

Something like LP is assigned based on how well the unique rolls its affixes, its overall level, if its influenced by a higher corruption, if they have a table that they base it on - e.g. already high level Uniques have a weighting against getting 4 LPs etc. etc.? or anything else?

Anything like that that would hint at what we could expect when we all begin our new farming in 2 days time?

Idt Ucenui’s is going to be too good since it’ll be only 1 orb and they aren’t too great for clear. You would be much better off focusing on dex/int Imo since you won’t be able to make int=att anyway. Ucenui is not too great for spellblades imo since they usually use ward and focusing on int ends up better. Unlike for primalists (low life would like int and they can get int from crows) or classes that don’t use either int or attune and are at 0 for both.

I could see that. That would allow me to add an exalted item in its place to make this better

Just zone level.
All the info is here: Legendary Items and Eternity Cache


So after reading the blog past again I have a single question if it is allowed for you to answer it.If I wanted to farm for an Alluvion with higher potential would it better for me to farm the regular Ending the Storm and not the empowered? Also thanks for the great game. I cant wait for friday

You have to ask which zone will drop more items and which zone is higher level.

Empowered version drops more items and is higher level.

Empowered is better.