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Theorycraft : Static (active cast) Build

Whenever I see Static in a build, it is always specced for the Passive “Zap”. So, I wanted to try to make a build which actually uses it actively. But, I am not in the mood to roll it and play it, at least not yet.

So, why not start a theorycrafting post! :slight_smile:

Here is what I came up with so far.

Summary: Using “orbiting” Static Orb to generate extra Static Charges fast (Arcane Current), plus the node in Static for more charges while moving (Stormchaser) and charges on Crit (Surge). Flame Ward, Teleport (Mirror Images), and Snap Freeze are defensives.

Feel free to post adjustments, alternate ideas, etc. The only rule is that it should use Static actively and not just as an occasional damage pop - it should be somewhat “featured” in the build.


The static orb based builds I have tried are fairly good… Especially the Cold converted version I messed with was really fun and worked pretty well with very high clear speed but it had to be supplimented with something for single target damage… The orbiting orbs remind me very much of the VK caster with devouring orbs… similar feel to me…

Not sure how to make the specific Static skill more active tho… My immediate thought was to try it as a high mana nuke with the Power Surge node… but that could be an “occassional damage pop” which you dont want… and I see you havent spec’d into it… It would be a more active skill imho… build up mana and charges, nuke, repeat…

Assuming your choice of Snap Freeze without the lightning conversion is just for “oh shit defence?”

I see that this is also a Crit based build… but the attack speed is basically default… and it doesnt seem to have a nuke to do less frequent massive crits…

Its an interesting exercise… I have always tried to build Static into any lightning build but it - as you say - ends up as a secondary Zap boy… and is generally meh…

The crit chance in the overall build is just for that one node in Static to generate static charges on Crit (+3 charges per crit). I literally just sought out anything which recharges Static charges as fast as possible.

Does it have to be Sork ?

Just for this, SpellBlade has a lot of charging for Static, through Surge (It is not necessary to use the trigger, only the Charging set if it is more convenient) and through FireBrand.
In fact, you can collect SpellBlade like Sorka and use his skills purely for support.
This does not prevent you from using the Static Orb to build the Static charge as well.

Sure, if you have an idea, post a build! :slight_smile: