Theorycraft : Static (active cast) Build

Whenever I see Static in a build, it is always specced for the Passive “Zap”. So, I wanted to try to make a build which actually uses it actively. But, I am not in the mood to roll it and play it, at least not yet.

So, why not start a theorycrafting post! :slight_smile:

Here is what I came up with so far.

Summary: Using “orbiting” Static Orb to generate extra Static Charges fast (Arcane Current), plus the node in Static for more charges while moving (Stormchaser) and charges on Crit (Surge). Flame Ward, Teleport (Mirror Images), and Snap Freeze are defensives.

Feel free to post adjustments, alternate ideas, etc. The only rule is that it should use Static actively and not just as an occasional damage pop - it should be somewhat “featured” in the build.


The static orb based builds I have tried are fairly good… Especially the Cold converted version I messed with was really fun and worked pretty well with very high clear speed but it had to be supplimented with something for single target damage… The orbiting orbs remind me very much of the VK caster with devouring orbs… similar feel to me…

Not sure how to make the specific Static skill more active tho… My immediate thought was to try it as a high mana nuke with the Power Surge node… but that could be an “occassional damage pop” which you dont want… and I see you havent spec’d into it… It would be a more active skill imho… build up mana and charges, nuke, repeat…

Assuming your choice of Snap Freeze without the lightning conversion is just for “oh shit defence?”

I see that this is also a Crit based build… but the attack speed is basically default… and it doesnt seem to have a nuke to do less frequent massive crits…

Its an interesting exercise… I have always tried to build Static into any lightning build but it - as you say - ends up as a secondary Zap boy… and is generally meh…

The crit chance in the overall build is just for that one node in Static to generate static charges on Crit (+3 charges per crit). I literally just sought out anything which recharges Static charges as fast as possible.

Does it have to be Sork ?

Just for this, SpellBlade has a lot of charging for Static, through Surge (It is not necessary to use the trigger, only the Charging set if it is more convenient) and through FireBrand.
In fact, you can collect SpellBlade like Sorka and use his skills purely for support.
This does not prevent you from using the Static Orb to build the Static charge as well.

Sure, if you have an idea, post a build! :slight_smile:

Honestly, I don’t get anything worthwhile.

I used the Static precisely to deal damage. I tried it with PowerSurge (damage per mana) and without.
As a test, I took SpellBlade with a view to two points.
This is tanking with your face and gaining Charges from blows (Reverberation) and using FireBrand, also to set Charges and increase Spell Damage.

What difficulties I encountered.

  1. The very concept of the skill, consider it the main skill for damage, or secondary.
    For a skill with the main damage, it has too low damage, it hits a small number of targets, and even lower damage to one target.
    If the skill is support, then it requires too many resources for this.
    Five skills for Reverberation, three skills for Electrostatic (Firebrand), five skills for Buildup (Surge).
    And that 13 skills that could be aimed at damage or survival, I spend only to be able to use Static, but this is not enough to gain 200 stacks in 4 seconds.

Using fewer stacks will result in even less damage.
And this is taking into account the fact that you have to sacrifice your survival and receive damage.

If you use PowerSurge, you also have to use ManaStrike to restore mana. That is, even using the skills of Firebrand and Manastrike as support to ensure the work of the Static, we do not receive effective damage.

I can, of course, touch upon other difficulties, but the sheet is already too long, I think about these shortcomings, you yourself know everything.

Well, that was somewhat expected, I just wasn’t sure how it would play out in reality.

As for me, the skill is interesting and fits perfectly for SpellBlade due to the lack of casting speed and interesting mechanics: taking damage (collecting charges) = returning damage.
The question is in implementation. The skill is clearly in need of rework.

This should be a purely mass skill (for example, Nova), or damage to one target. Now it does not perform the function of clearing trash or killing a strong mob.

We also need to revise the rate at which Charges are recruited, at least in builds that require melee combat.

By the way, I experimented with Ice Barrage, with the expectation that we use it once, it works for 5-8 seconds. A long range skill for stripping trash and recruiting shields from a safe distance.

Elite and bosses are killed with crits from ShatterStrike.
If you compare them as spell versus spell, Static is not even close in terms of effectiveness.

Seems my old testing still stands. Thankfully its an easy fix. It currently has 325% damage scaling. This is obviously too low for all the effort and cost put into it. I say kick it up to 600%.

Well, I was thinking that its “main” use in builds right now is “I put it into auto-zap mode and ignore it” and the main reason is that it’s just too slow to be a main skill. So, upping its damage scaling will not really do much for it.

I think there needs to be a way to “convert” it to a main skill, which means ability to “spam” it the same as you would spam either Lightning Blast or Elemental Nova.

  1. Reduced cooldown
    I would recommend setting the base CD to 1 second, and removing any CD reduction nodes in the tree. At best, your helm reduces by 10% and its still a 0.9 sec cooldown.

  2. AoE Spec
    In AoE spec, it should more reliably charge up for discharges. It should have nodes to (significantly) increase charge generation that are specifically based on amount of “nearby” creatures so that it is not viable (in this spec) for bosses but ideal for packs. Ideally it should be able to charge to half of its total potential charges every second. Meaning, you need to wait if you want to release fully charged explosions.

  3. Single Target spec
    In Single Target spec, it should have nodes to (significantly) increase charge generation that are specifically based on amount of times you either “hit” a boss/rare or a boss/rare hits you. Same as above, ideally it should able to charge to half of its total potential charges every second. Meaning, you need to wait if you want to release fully charged explosions. It should also have nodes that reduce # of creatures hit, but increase damage, thus more optimal for bosses & less for packs.

End result:

  • You can still spec for Zaps mostly as it is now
  • You can go down a new branch and optimize for AoE
  • You can go down yet another new branch and optimize for Bosses & Rares

I think it would be somewhat important to think about making sure it isn’t just an “Elemental Nova Lite”. While Nova simply consumes mana to generate damage, I think Static should not (it should be 0 cost or very low like 3 or 6 mana). The theme should be that friction with enemies (either packs or potent ones) is what “fuels” the skill, not mana. In addition, part of the base skill should be a chance to either Shock, Electrify or perhaps Stun which would be unique.

Build Possibilities:

  • For AoE Spec, you’d rely on big AoE damage for clearing, and then pick one alternate skill for bosses, like either Lightning Blast or Firebrand.
  • For Single Target spec, you can pick a clear skill (Ele Nova, Shatterstrike) using Static for hard targets (high health, rares), and then main Static on the bosses.
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We have tons of options for main skills already. Your AoE version we already have, its called Elemental Nova. For single target we have Lightning Blast with the “chains on a single target” node or the channel node. There is no point making it into something we already have filling that role.

Also I just dug up my old thread on this and it appears they just might have increased its base damage multiplier from back then. Now I have to brush off a sorc and see what I can make it swing. See if they didn’t boost it, didn’t boost it enough or you guys are just wrong and its now good.

For what purposes, then, do you need a Static?
For example, as you said, for clearing large groups we have mass skills like Nova.
For clearing bosses, we have, for example, a Blast with a focus on 1 target. The same with SpellBlade, he has his own skills, both massive and for one purpose.

What is the purpose of the Static in today’s mechanics?

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Indeed, what’s the purpose of having more than 3 skills per class - AoE, single target & a movement/defensive skill.

The only thing, it seems to me, would be more convenient for implementation and balance to do a little differently in the question “one target” - “mass target”.
I think it is more convenient to initially make a Static with damage to one target and balance its damage for this.
And for massive damage, use the Zap mechanic. It can be configured without directly affecting the damage of the skill itself and achieve greater balance.

Therefore, I want Static as a skill with unique mechanics to be able to become a build-forming one.
At the same time, its uniqueness allows you to do this for both Sork and SpellBlade.

I mean it boils down to that. Either it has to stand on its own (and not be just Lightning Blast Lite or Elemental Nova Lite), or it should just completely be replaced. Or redesigned, a la “Enchant Weapon”, but for spells.


I’m curious how “High impact but not spammable” isn’t a skill niche you guys can recognize. Its kind of obvious to me. To the point I didn’t feel a need to mention it. As in I thought I would be pulling a “Shut up Captain Obvious” by stating it. I actually feel dirty making this post and I am shamelessly rude all the time.

High damage and high efficiency are two different things.
Let’s say they did as you say, increased the damage, but left everything else as it is.
For what purposes will you use Static and in what build?

Well, I feel if they just upped damage, then the existing “standard” auto-zapper spec would just deal more damage. More damage isn’t incentivizing me to spec into active use, necessarily.

I suppose that one could use it as a pack clearing skill instead of Elemental Nova, but I don’t see a real incentive to do that with the current tree. And I wouldn’t really want to use it for single target at all.

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Not necessarily. Lightning Blast cast by Static wouldn’t(/shouldn’t) inherit any of Static’s damage modifiers because Lightning Blast has it’s own skill tree.