Theorycraft : Static (active cast) Build

This is a little different. We are talking about changes that directly relate to Static and its relevance as a self-sufficient skill.

Alright I did some checking. The Dammit planner on LETools lists a 325% added damage scaling for Static however there isn’t one listed in game. Which means its added scaling is 100%.

I tested it and my 200 charge Static discharges with the mana cost per charge node are hitting for 3k damage. For reference I was using Mana Strike specced into getting that bonus lightning spell on hit and it was doing 7k damage. I am now convinced Static is completely broken. Its damage formula isn’t undertuned. Its non-functional.

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Hey there… If you have the time, please can you post your findings in the Bug section with details of what you suspect and how you went about confirming it… The Devs do regularly keep an eye on the bug forum and add things to their internal bug tracker from there…

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One thing I cannot understand. They will raise the damage. Let’s say you can kill 5 “white” mobs every 4 seconds, what difference does that make?
What build will you create on this base?

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