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Hi. I’m new here. can i change the summon bear/wolf/raptor to sabertooth instead?

Welcome to the game and the forum!

Left click on the skill you want to change and you can change it to what ever skill you have.

But idk which skill inside of the sabertooth to choose. :laughing:

Ah, you’re looking for how to build your skill. My apologies, for that I’m not the best person to answer since I haven’t built around the Sabertooth.

Would you be able to provide a link to your planner? I like your ideas and prefer having a mobility skill personally. No hate to Thy; his build is great too!

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Sure, here’s the link to the planner I made a while back. :slight_smile:

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@Thyworm is this build still viable for 1.0?

I think he posted a video recently talking about him not playing LE 1.0 after so many hours playing not enjoying it as much or something. Ive played this build and I am going to start with it and I reckon it will be fine still, maybe even better considering there might be new uniques that buff Companion limits and multiple companions synergy (here is praying and hoping there will be lol) such a great playstyle so really hope so.

I am currently playing this build.
Just reached monoliths and it was definitely not a “slow” build. Yes, it is no speedrunner, but it was very steady. I didn’t even craft anything yet.
Sadly knowing the author left the game is sad because with the new additions I bet there are a few things you could still tweak.

I’m gonna play this in 1.1 and maybe make some updates. I’ve lost interest in the game for the most part, but I’ll check out the new stuff that’s on offer. With this build. If I’m having fun, I may just make another build guide, including new uniques, etc.

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